The Lockingjay

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Mariemont High School's symbol for hope: the Lockingjay

Mariemont High School’s symbol for hope: the Lockingjay.


As junior Mikey Lockhart walks the halls of Mariemont High School, he feels like a celebrity. Not because of something he has done, but because of his family tree.

On March 23rd, 2012, Jennifer Lawrence took the world by storm by starring in the first Hunger Games movie. On that same day, Lockhart took the Mariemont world by storm by revealing that this new star actress was also his cousin. It appears the odds were definitely in his favor.

“I’m not very close to her, but we are related,” says Lockhart. “She’s a cousin on my dad’s side of the family.”

Lawrence has starred in multiple different movies including her newest movie, Mockingjay, the third edition of the Hunger Games series. She won an Academy Award in 2013 for her role in Silver Linings Playbook.

“I get asked about her daily,” he says. “And then no one believes me when I tell them she is my cousin.”

Jennifer Lawrence was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, but she rarely returns for visits, according to Lockhart.

“I see her about once a year around Christmas time or whenever she is back in Kentucky,” says Lockhart.

“Sometimes I feel like the only reason people even talk to me is because of the slim chance that they would get to meet Jennifer Lawrence,” he says. “But I’m alright with that.”

Lawrence, who has become one of the most well known actresses in the movie business, did not comment on their relationship.

“Her acting is nothing compared to mine,” says Mikey. “I hear I’m in the running for an Oscar.”