“Go to the Office”: Tales of Getting in Trouble

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We all remember the first time we got in trouble in school. Mine was making fart noises with my mouth back in 1st grade to get a laugh from the class. Unfortunately, my “I’m a good boy” plane was put back in the Mr. Maness’s good behavior hangar for the day. It changes you forever; from this point on you were forever a “bad boy.” In all seriousness, the first time you were sent to the principal’s office is a time you can never forget.

Molski showing off his range, this shot measuring in at about 7 feet (PHOTO BY SCHOOLER)

Molski showing off his range, this shot measuring in at about 7 feet. (PHOTO BY SCHOOLER)

In 2005, it was Joe Molski’s turn to take the walk of fate to the gates of hell and to his eternal doom. Joe remembers the day when he was in the restroom with his so called “friend” Joe Veeneman. Molski thought it would be a good idea to see how far away they could pee into a urinal. Little did he know, Veeneman was going to walk back into class and tattle on him for no reason. When asked if he changed because of getting in trouble Molski says, “Nah, I still do it now, except my mom is the one getting mad.”

Taking it four miles east to Terrace Park Elementary we talk to Luke Jacobs who remembers what he loved to do every time he had indoor recess. “When it was raining, we would be forced to play dumb board games inside, which I hated,” says Jacobs. Jacobs would fight with Cam’ron Smith, harmless fights in which no one was hurt…until, one day Jacobs accidentally pushed Smith into a radiator. The recess monitor, Mrs. Parker who was also a 3rd grade teacher didn’t like the scuffling at all and Jacobs had to make a trip down to the principal’s office.

Garrison still doing mischievous things (PHOTO BY SCHOOLER)

Garrison still doing mischievous things. (PHOTO BY SCHOOLER)

Luke Garrison shared some of the same immature qualities as Molski and he says that about every day in third grade he would throw his backpack down the stairs of the three stories of Mariemont Elementary School. “I have no idea why I kept doing it, I guess I thought it was fun or something,” says Garrison. The force of the notorious Mrs. Sommers made Luke stop and she called home to his parents. “As if Sommers yelling at me wasn’t enough, she had to make it personal and tell my parents,” says Garrison. Luke explains that those third grade consequences still haven’t changed his mischievous ways.

Some who gets in trouble don’t do anything deserving of getting it trouble. Some are just hungry. Bryce Lewis went to the lunchroom and bought two bags of Flamin’ hot Cheetos. When he came back to the art room Mrs. Lair told him that he had to throw them away because he went and got them during the time he was supposed to be in art class. “Mrs. Lair told me I was in trouble” says Lewis “I didn’t like that so I just said ‘No, you are in trouble.” This didn’t end too well for Lewis because he was immediately sent to the office.

The youngest man to get in trouble is Aaron Urevick when he was in kindergarten. When children are young, teachers try to expand the creative minds of the kids by playing with Play-Doh and coloring. Urevick took his creativeness to a whole new level by making the organ that makes him a man out of play-doh. He then proceeded to chase the girls around calling it his “hot-dog.” His actions had repercussions, Urevick didn’t get his happy ticket that day and didn’t get a prize at the end of the week like his classmates.

Kemper continues to worship Kobe to this day (PHOTO BY SCHOOLER)

Kemper continues to worship Kobe to this day. (PHOTO BY SCHOOLER)

You know what they say, impassivity killed the cat. Wait, people don’t say that? Whether people do or don’t say it is true. Will Kemper was tested back when he was in 8th grade when he saw an anti-bullying banner hung up on a wall. “It was something that you could write your name on if you were against bullying, so I did,” says Kemper. Kemper wrote “KOBEEEE” on the banner. This leg-pull did not come without consequences, for Kemper had to clean the lunchroom everyday for 3 weeks.

To this day, only a few of them have learned their lesson.