Rec Basketball Preview

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Not every team can be the Golden State Warriors or the Cleveland Cavaliers, but they can be the best version of themselves. That is what every recreational basketball team will try to be this season. Here is your 2015-2016 Rec Basketball Preview.

Ball Beaters- Freshman

Roster: Charlie Geers, Drew Pitstick, Micheal Rubin, Peter Payiatis, Ben Ciolino, Reid Stautberg, Aidan Shenton, Mark Andrews, Tim, Andrew Adams

Coach: Eli Glaser and Grandma Gayle

Star Player: Aiden Shention

This year’s freshman team, the Ball Beaters, will be coached by sophomore Eli Glaser and Charlie Geers’ grandma, Gayle. They will heavily rely on the play of Aiden Shention.

Overall, he’s just a great athlete.  He’s up there with like Michael Jordan,” says Glaser.

Although they are a young team, he does have high expectations of them. “I want them to start it off beating the ball and keep beating the ball, finish strong. That’s my goal as a coach,” says Glaser.

However, he is worried about one thing. “The boys make a mess sometimes, they’re a little bit rowdy. Grandma Gayle has got them under control,” says Glaser.

Glaser continues to say, “We have a solid team that keeps beating the ball and won’t ever stop.”


Rec Basketball Team 2015-2016- @6Jerks1Dribble

Roster: Brady Holliday, Eli Glaser, Bradley Barrett, Jack Ballard, Bradley Quick, Nate Moehring, Miller Steele TBD

Coach: Dennis Glaser, Assistant Will Kemper

Star Player: “We don’t believe in a star player because we perform as a unit.”

This year's teams look to start the season strong (PHOTO BY TIMMERS)

This year’s teams look to start the season strong (PHOTO BY TIMMERS)

6 Balls 1 Dribble is only afraid of one thing this year: “ISIS,” says Will Kemper.

They will be short one player until Miller Steele returns to the team. He is currently not playing because he doesn’t want friend Bradley Quick on the team due to his poor play. In that time, they will be heavily relying on faith to get them through this period.

“I would compare myself to Tim Tebow because we are a religious based team,” says team-member Brady Holliday.

Although “only time will tell” who their star player will be, Kemper expects a lot out of this team. Some which may be unattainable due to it not even being the same sport.

“Undefeated. CHL Champs. World Series,” says Kemper.

The secret to their success?

“We all have shooting sleeves and I have And1 shoes,” says Steele.


Junior team- Tune Squad

Roster:Ben Phelan, Charlie Zack, Drew Fiorenza, Joe Molski, Ryan Fields, Bobby Dennerll

Coach- Wilson Bucher

Star Player- Ben Phelan

Although this year’s Tune Squad does not have Michael Jordan, they do have Ben Phelan.

“He is an all-star. He has natural talent, good size and can play many positions,” says coach Wilson Bucher.

The opposite of Phelan? Bucher believes that Drew Fiorenza fits that mold.

“He’s a lot like Matthew Dellavedova, all hustle and no skill.” Bucher continues, “Also has a big nose and can’t see around it,” says Bucher.

Don’t be surprised if you you don’t see Anna Stehling at any rec games this year.

“Recreation basketball, the players literally don’t play and they do cartwheels and the coaches show up in suits and it’s kinda funny but sometimes not interesting to watch. I want to watch actual basketball,” says Stehling.

Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra knows how to coach “actual basketball” and that is something Bucher prides himself on.

“I would compare myself to a young players-coach, Eric Spoelstera of the Heat. Very charismatic, but knows when to be serious,” Bucher says.

The name and coach may be big things about this squad, but one thing is especially special about this team.

“Us setting screens. Our right hand lay ups, our hair, and the amount of girls we bring to watch the games is special,” says Bucher.

Sadly, there is question about this team’s eligibility because Bucher has yet to actually set it up.


5 Guys 11 Balls- Seniors – @5guys11ballz

Roster: Mikey Lockhart, Ty Bucher, Will Ciolino, Aaron Urevick, Spencer Stutenroth, Charlie Zack, Collin Widecan, John Fening, Connor Jacob, Jacob Harding, Mikey Barrett

Coaches: Joey Kromer, Brennan Crowley, and whoever they get to sit on their bench

Star Player: Ty Bucher

Possibly the most known rec team, 5 Guys 11 Balls is entering their second season. Last year, their season was cut short due to a scandal but in Brennan Crowley’s eyes, that is something that motivates them.

“After last year’s scandal, we are looking to prove a lot of people wrong. A lot of our guys are gunning for the commissioner,” says Crowley.

The team was disqualified from trophy contention due to the fact that Crowley and Kromer were not on the roster, yet they played.

If they want to achieve that, they may have to make some cuts.

“Lockhart is the weakest link in the starting lineup, we might even cut him this year. This is the first time it’s being released to the press,” says Crowley.

Cutting Lockhart may be a difficult task since he is the creator of the team.

Ty Bucher is looking to pick up right where he left off last year, comparing himself to one of the all-time greats.

“I would compare myself to Michael Jordan, no further questions,” says Bucher.

There are a lot of comparisons to this team and the New England Patriots. Not only do they expect to win the Super Bowl, but Crowley has the same worries as them.

“The only thing I’m worried about is the commish trying to strip us again, the whole league views us villains, we are like the 18-0 Patriots,” says Crowley.