I Tried To Live Like Celebrities for a Week

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The style magazine Cosmopolitan occasionally includes an article where one of their writers live like a famous celebrity for a week. Their writers have lived like Kim Kardashian, Marilyn Monroe, and Kylie Jenner. I decided to give this a go, and attempted to live like three different famous people throughout the week; Instagram model Alexis Ren, Kim K, and Kylie Jenner.

Alexis Ren

In an interview she claims to use Rodan and Fields products every day, and as luck would have it, so does my mother. So I posed for about 30 pictures with a bottle of toner trying to get the right focus of the bottle, angle of my face, lighting in the bathroom, etc. it took roughly 10 minutes and in the end I wasn’t happy with either of them.

As “natural” as Alexis’ hair and makeup are made to look, it wasn’t long after my 6:00 wake up that I dreaded how much work I had to do. I spent roughly fifteen minutes on my makeup, which is around double the time my makeup usually takes, and forty minutes on my hair, which is thirty minutes longer than my usual routine. I found out the hard way that my fine, smooth hair is not made for salt spray, beach waves, or any type of curl at all, like Alexis Ren has. Around five minutes into my curled hair attempt, I dropped a hot roller on my toe. In conclusion, none of it was worth it because the curls fell out within the hour.

Alexis keeps a very strict diet. Somehow, she manages to not eat bread, so I had 2 smoothies as meals that included spinach, a frozen banana, strawberries, water, plant protein powder, and ice.

Throughout the day, I went around the school taking pictures doing yoga poses and no one seemed to think much of it. Maybe it was partially because the outfit I was wearing was pretty normal for me to wear to school, but I was surprised at the lack of questions I got throughout the day.



Kim Kardashian

I put on one fake nail last night and before I could even get the rest of them on, I ripped it off because I couldn’t type on my phone or computer. This leads me to believe she has someone else do all her menial tasks like typing, turning on the shower, putting her hair in a ponytail, because nothing is possible with them on.

After watching her sixteen minute long makeup tutorial and then attempting to do it on myself, I concluded there is no possible way they don’t exclude steps from the tutorial. She goes from looking sufficiently normal, to pretty, to runway ready. Granted, my skin isn’t great compared to hers, and I used less than half the products that Mario used on her, but I expected somewhat similar results, but I think my personal makeup routine looks better on me than her’s does.

Modeling like she does proved to be harder than expected. Attempting to recreate one of her Instagram pictures, I had to move my body in ways that weren’t comfortable in any way, but in the picture of her look very natural.

After the spinach smoothie shenanigans, and with Kim having a personal chef cook all her meals, I decided to eat what I wanted today and I felt better about it. Bread isn’t that bad.
FullSizeRender IMG_1982.JPG



Kylie Jenner

Similar to Kim’s makeup, I don’t feel like I look much better with Kylie’s makeup style than I do in my normal makeup. I tried her lip kit in “Koko K,” but it’s really drying and I hate how the matte color looks on me. Kylie has an abundance of wigs that she changes on a daily basis, and seeing that I do not have a wig specialist named Tokyo to make myself a wig for the day, I wore my hair in french braids like Kylie does with her natural hair on occasion. To my surprise, I got more compliments dressed as Kylie Jenner than I have in weeks wearing my own clothes…so there’s that to make a personal note of.