Mariemont’s Speed Bumps are Not Just a Bump in the Road

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There is no better wake up call than going over the big, yellow speed bumps driving up to the parking lots of 1 Warrior Way.

The speed bumps have been a part of Mariemont High School for many years. Some students and staff say these speed bumps are helpful because they slow down traffic and reduce accidents. Others think they are annoying and useless.

Dr. Renner said, “There have always been speed bumps in the driveway.

The speed bumps can slow down traffic in the mornings as students rush to be on time.

The speed bumps can slow down traffic in the mornings as students rush to be on time.

The big ones were put in during the 2002 renovation.”

The speed bumps have been a problem for students. With smaller cars, the speed bumps can scrape the bottoms of the car. At 7:40am, as students slide into the drive way to be on time, the speed bumps slow down traffic and often cause students to be tardy.

Junior Kennedy Moi said, “I hate the speed bumps. They are way too big, and I heard it’s bad for your car suspension.” 

According to Mr. Radloff, the speed bump can harm a cars suspension. Radloff said, “It is physically impossible for a car to maintain its speed over a speed bump without either scrapping the bottom of their car or harming their suspensions.”

Señora Timmerding had her own opinions about the speed bumps: “I am very used to them. They feel normal to me. I think the speed bumps are effective because they slow down the young drivers.”

Mr Radloff added, “I do not like the speed bumps, but they work. The vertical inertia of your car wants to stay on the ground. If the car does not slow down, the tires will fly up, while the rest of the car wants to stay down. This causes scrapping on the bottom of cars.”

The teachers and other staff members at the high school may be used to these speed bumps. It is just another everyday obstacle. The students on the other hand despise these large, yellow beasts.

Freshman Steven Banks says, “I have to ride the bus home and it is super bumpy.”  He also added, “I don’t think size matters. People will have to go slow no matter what.”

Junior Miller Steele, is not a fan of these speed bumps at all. Steele’s “second home” is the Cincinnati Sports Club. This is where he spends most of his time after school. Steele says, “The Sportsmall has speed bumps, but they are really small. I don’t even have to slow down to drive over them.” Steele also added that he would prefer if Mariemont had small ones like the Sportsmall.

Although many students would prefer speed bumps that were similar to the sportsmall, it would not provide their purpose. The large speed bumps force drivers to reduce speed instead of cruising right over them.

While the speed bumps do cause people to drive much slower than what they wish, it keeps the students and staff safe from speeding drivers.

According to, controlling vehicle speed with a speed bump or speed hump is the most effective method to improve the safety of a parking lot, driveway or private road. This is why the speed bumps at Mariemont will stay right where they are.