Eleven Ideas for 2011

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For 2011, The Christian Science Monitor’s Rolf Mowatt-Larssen published “Ideas For A Better World In 2011.” We decided to ask eleven of our own students, teachers, and administrators for eleven ideas for a better Mariemont in 2011. Here’s what they said:

Taylor Henderson – “More school, less homework, and more freedom on the internet”

Seniors Wes Carmen and Hannah Bruggeman weigh in on ideas to improve their high school

Don Books – “We’re losing our ability to speak face to face with each other. Many students aren’t developing the skills of public speaking they will need for the future.

Erin Purcell – “A current events or intellectual discussion elective, and more AP classes in humanities, like AP Psychology, Art History, and Human Geography.”

Tate Decamp – “Regulate the temperature in all the classrooms. Keep it consistent.”

Summer Harris – “I miss actual writing. Technology is a big overused. What ever happened to pen and paper?”

Ryne Pacheco – “Let students come late if they have first bell study hall and leave early if they have it seventh bell.”

Hannah Bruggeman – “Allow students to drink water without doctors notes, keep exams before winter break, and lengthen the lunch bell, even if it’s only for ten more minutes.”

Tom Crosby – “Some of my wishes are that every student would display kindness to others and understanding each individual’s uniqueness, that we could all make the effort to support our peers and students at theatre productions, concerts, and away athletic events, and that every student would find value in his or her education and become a real learner.”

Matisse Rogers – “Fix the parking situation and let seniors out fifteen minutes earlier.”

Joel Beeby – “Teachers should put less emphasis on testing and more on synthesis and learning.”

Wes Carman – “I wish students had more incentive to perform in the arts, even if they spend most of their time playing sports, and vice versa.”