The Unknown Places in Mariemont High School


If you were to ask a senior if they know all the spots in the school, they would probably say “yes.” They are lying.

Mariemont High School may seem like a simple place, but there are some hidden spots in the school that many people, even seniors, may not know about.

After weeks of research, I have chosen what I believe to be the top three most mysterious spots. (1) In the auxiliary gym, there is a strange blue door in the top right corner of the wall. (2) Outside of the lower library, next to the girls bathroom, a hidden room, where rumors of girls screaming have been spread. (3) In the auditorium, the dark catwalk hangs in silence.

Mystery spot #1 is the strange blue door in the auxiliary gym; the blue door is on the top right of the front wall

The ladder in the back of the boiler room leads to a secret escape to the roof. (PHOTO BY KEMPER)
The ladder in the back of the boiler room leads to a secret escape to the roof (PHOTO BY KEMPER).

of the gym. The doors are covered with a blue gate. What are those doors? An old elevator? Fire escape? Secret entrance?

Athletic director, Mr. Nerl, shares some information about two of the secret rooms in the school. Above Mrs. Thomas’ room is a boiler room. This room controls the air conditioning and water heating in the south side of the building. Mr. Nerl says, “The room has been there for about fifteen years. It is used for the heating and cooling on this side of the school.”

This strange room is hard to find. It requires getting through two locked doors and can only be reached by a faculty member with a key.

Entering the boiler room, there is a large tank on the left side of the room. This tank is for heating the water in bathrooms. The room is filled with cleaning equipment, old desks and many large pipes. In the back of the room you will find the secret doors.

Opening these doors, you get an overview of the auxiliary gym. These strange, blue doors are used for loading equipment into the room and as an emergency exit.

This maintenance room is lined with cabinets full of top-secret files. (PHOTO BY KEMPER)

Mystery spot #2 is the maintenance room next to the library. There are many maintenance rooms around the school, but this one is the most mysterious. The room is located next to the girls bathroom outside of the lower library.

On this door is a small sign that says “FD.” This stands for “fire department.” That means that there is equipment in that room for firemen to in case of a fire.

Entering the room, there is an old computer and multiple cabinets full of old school files. Mr. Nerl says, “I can use that computer to program the heating and cooling in the building.” Walking deeper into the creepy room, I see old restroom equipment, such as hand dryers and sinks. The room is also used for storing cleaning equipment for the custodial staff.

Junior Jack Ballard says the catwalk is his go-to spot when he needs a long cry by himself. (PHOTO BY KEMPER)
Junior Jack Ballard says the catwalk is his go-to spot when he needs a long cry by himself (PHOTO BY KEMPER).



Mystery spot #3, the catwalk. The catwalk is located above the auditorium. Going up the stairs in the corner of the auditorium, a catwalk wraps all the way around the stage and seats. This area is used to facilitate lighting during plays, musicals, assemblies, and concerts. It is also a fun exploring area for bored students in study hall.

The catwalk has two walkways going across the auditorium. Forty different lights line the edge of the walkway.

In the back of the catwalk, there is a fenced off area. In this fenced box, the control panel which can control all the lights stays locked up for professional use only.

Junior Colton Urbanski is an experienced lighting crew member. Urbanski said, “I have been doing lighting crew since freshman year. I like the cat walk because it is dark and mysterious. I know a lot about the catwalk, which many people do not.”

Mariemont may seem like a boring and bland school, but if you look hard enough there are hidden gems yet to be found.