Little kids, big school

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Most everybody in their life has been or will be a freshman in high school… to the kids who are soon to be freshman, there are some unwritten rules that you should know before you make the big leap to high school.


Aerial view of MHS (PHOTO BY DAILY MAIL)

Some kids are not prepared for the transition from junior high to high school, and most do not know what to expect when they finally first step inside the high school doors as a student. One thing I know for sure is that high school is nothing like it is portrayed as in movies… at least not at Mariemont. There aren’t a bunch of fights. There aren’t big, bad bullies roaming the hallways trying to take your lunch money. And there isn’t a bunch of crazy hazing, but…

Junior, Kenzie Huber says, “it is so annoying how all the freshman walk on the left side of the hallway. You’re supposed to walk on the right side just like everybody else. It’s really not that hard.” Also, “don’t be annoying, don’t be loud, and don’t get in my way,” Huber says.

Cole Harden, junior, had very few words of advice to say for incoming freshman. Harden says, “study.”


MHS Staff taking poses for picture going on mariemont’s website(PHOTO BY MARIEMONT CITY SCHOOLS)

Charlie Cowart, sophomore Air Force Recruit, says, “If I have any advice for the freshman, it is wear deodorant every day, and bring shorts and sweatpants every day because the temperature of this school varies by the hour.” Cowart also says, “Try your hardest in school and sports: if you try your hardest, the sky is the limit.”

Josh McClorey says, “I believe the key to a great freshman year is to make friends with Mr. Block and Dr. Renner, trust me, it really helps.”

“Don’t get your name out there in a negative way, and make friends with the older kids.” Those are just a few words of wisdom from sophomores Sinclaire Dorsten and Emma Kuwatch. They continue to say, “Being friends with the upperclassmen helps you inside and out of school.”

I interviewed a few freshman to get an insight on how their year is going and what the biggest differences are and the results are as expected.

Evan Sizer, current freshman, says, “The biggest thing I have learned this year is to do your homework, focus in class, and just to have fun.”

Ellie Poindexter told me, “Do not procrastinate on homework and be nice to everyone.” Poindexter also says, “One of the biggest differences from junior high to high school is that you get to make new friends.”

Kami Spang quickly answered, “Suck up to older kids because they’re scary, and be nice to everyone because people are mean.”

Lauren Barrett replied saying, “Don’t get lost in the school because for the first month it’s really confusing.” She also says, “You have a lot more freedom in high school, so take it seriously and don’t take advantage of it.”

Lastly, Isabella Paz says, “Make friends with everyone, and don’t walk into a senior class on your first day of school… It is very embarrassing.”