Lax, explained by a Lax Bro


So lacrosse started a few weeks ago…

Josh McClorey and I during our JV City Championship game last year (PHOTO BY HOLLIDAY)

I thought the first couple of practices were going to be a lot worse than they really were. There wasn’t a lot of running, except at the end when we did sprints. Mostly everyone was out of shape, including myself, but it was obvious that everyone ran their hardest. I think our team this year is really hardworking and determined to win.

We have practice six days a week and on some weeks even 7. We practice Monday-Saturday and have Sunday practices five times this year… I’m not really sure if it is legal to have practice up to seven days a week because that gives us like no rest what so ever, but nobody is going to complain about it because we are willing to work as hard as possible.

Bradley Quick and I holding our JV City Champs trophy from last years lax season (PHOTO BY HOLLIDAY)

We have won 3 State Championships in the past 10 years, ’07, ’13, ’14. This year we’re looking to add another. Our goal every year is to work our butts off, win state, and get that state ring everyone at Mariemont dreams about having.

I am a junior this year so this will be my first year playing on varsity–and  I’m a little nervous about it. I was “on varsity” last year as a sophomore, but I sat on the bench for varsity games and went in maybe once or twice a game but this year. I’m expecting to play more often than that this year… at least I hope I will.

I was considering not playing this year because I want to try and play college football, so I was going to run track instead and try to get faster for football but… I’m glad I am playing lacrosse because I have a feeling it is going to be different this year.

The lacrosse program at Mariemont was started by Steve Peterson, fellow Terrace Park citizen. He has been a part of this program ever since it started and he coaches the elementary team (TP Bulldogs) and the high school team (Mariemont Warriors). Goalie Daniel Cascella says, “he is a great coach, he really does a great job at making us better.”

“He is seen as the reason to our success and 3 state championship titles.”, says defender Charlie Cowart

The lacrosse team is looking forward to a successful season and hopefully another state championship.