All My Teachers Ballin’; All My Teachers Athletic

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Spring Break is just around the corner, and students are working their hardest to get their beach bods ready. But, even though the student body is looking toned and lean, what are the teachers doing to stay buff?

Some teachers don’t have time to make it to a gym or go on runs, but that doesn’t stand in their way of staying active. Coach Commins makes an effort to stay healthy whenever he gets the chance.

Orangetheory Fitness Studio focuses on row machines and treadmills. (PHOTO BY ORANGTHEORY.COM)

Commins stays active by playing golf, coaching sports teams, and walking his dog every morning. “I go for runs with my dog,” jokes Commins: “meaning he runs, and I walk.” Commins also enjoys tending to his garden. “There’s a million ways to stay active. You have to find what’s right for you”

While Commins prefers to exercise near home, other teachers prefer to work out at local gyms to maintain their athletic physiques.

Mrs. Mock gets her exercise in at places such as Orangetheory Fitness Studio and Barre Studio five to six days a week. Mrs. Mock is also conscientious of what food she puts into her body. “I try to pack a healthy lunch everyday,” Mock says. “And I try to drink a lot of water!”

Mrs. Mock isn’t the only teacher who exercises at Orangetheory. They never planned to workout together, but english teacher Mr. Wiseman has run into Mrs. Mock at the orange-themed gym before. “I work harder than her in the gym,” Wiseman says. “But she looks better than me.”

Block poses for his player picture during his stint with the Junior Cyclones. (PHOTO BY BLOCK)

Mrs. Baas goes to the gym to lift weights. “I also use the elliptical machine, and I also do a personally chosen core workout,” she adds.

While certain teachers use ordinary activities or gyms to stay active, some take their talents to the competitive level.

Mr. Colaw plays in a men’s basketball league. He plays ‘impromptu’ pickup basketball games with men his age at the Cincinnati Sports Mall. “I’d say my best move is the pick and roll,” Colaw says. “If you don’t stay active, you lose it.

Mr. Block has been playing ice hockey since he was six years old. He’s played the positions of right wing and center for teams like the Cincinnati Stingers and the Junior Cyclones.

Block started playing 2 nights a week for the Terrace Park hockey team at the Indian Hill Winter Club about a year ago, and has since enjoyed it