If the Mariemont High School walls could talk


I’ve been poked and prodded by pins.
I’ve been graffitied by bored students whose minds are elsewhere.  

I’ve seen future doctors and social workers and senators and civil rights activists. 

I’ve seen bad days, tears and heartbreak.

I’ve seen hard work and 100%s.

I’ve seen hard work and 47%s.

I’ve seen student transformations, good and bad.

I’ve seen 52 minutes feel like years and 4 years feel like seconds.

I’ve seen students come and go, teachers come and go. 

I’ve seen procrastination.

I’ve seen senior subjugation.

I’ve seen total isolation. 

I’ve told you to be yourself.

I’ve told you to be creative.

I’ve told you to do what you want.

I’ve still seen you fall in with the crowd.

I’ve seen it all.


I’ve never seen a someone who isn’t worried.

I’ve never seen someone who doesn’t make mistakes.

I’ve never seen two people with the same learning style.

I’ve never seen someone like you.