Mythbusters: Senioritis at Mariemont


Senioritis—you know exactly what I am talking about. Senioritis is a supposed affliction of students characterized by a decline in motivation in their last year of high school. At Mariemont it seems to be a debilitating disease especially relevant in the last few months of school. I took to the halls to ask seniors their honest opinions on senioritis and get the truth.

Q: Do you believe senioritis to be real?  

A: “Yes, Are you kidding?” -Connor Dougherty

“Definitely.” -Emily Ferguson

“Yes, mine started sophomore year.” -Bobby Dennerll

“No. People are born lazy.” -Ryan Fields

“For sure.” -Grace Brittingham

“Yeah. I barely have the motivation to answer this question.” -Anna Stehling

“100%, a real medical condition.” -Drew Fiorenza

“Definitely. If you walk into my philosophy class you can see it permeating in the room.” -Nathalie Weiss

“I believe it. I have felt it since I walked into this high school. Other people care too much, it’s me fighting the system.” -Eric Tassos

“Yes, it’s a way of life.” -Drew Goheen

“Yes, but I don’t think it’s because we are seniors. People see us as lazy teenagers, but I think we’re just done with the public school system and ready to graduate.” -Nina Willis

“No, absolutely not. I’ve worked this hard since the day I was born.” -Andrew Maze

Q: Do you think senioritis has had an impact on your grades?

A: “Yes and on my will to live.” -Joe Molski

“My grades have actually been better this year, aside from my 31% in Weiss.” -Ryan Fields

“Well lets just say I always find a way to take the easy way out.” -Bobby Dennerll

“Yes, but people still work hard enough to get the grades they want. They just do the minimal work required.” -Nina Willis

“Yeah, I either just don’t do homework or half-try on it.” -Patrick Mileham

“Not so far.” -Emily Ferguson

“I just keep reminding myself I’m already in college. They can’t reject you now, can they?!” -Carson Fields

“No, because some of the teachers have senioritis, too.” -Nathalie Weiss

“I spend more time coloring than in class, so…” -Anna Stehling

“I would say so, yes.” -Eric Tassos

“Slightly.” -Drew Goheen

“A very positive impact. I don’t stress about things anymore.” -Andrew Maze

“Considering I have to take all my exams, yes.” -Drew Fiorenza

Q: What is the most ridiculous way senioritis has affected you?

A: “I wrote my entire SRP the day of. To be fair, I technically do have 3 study halls, so I got it done.” -Ryan Fields 

“I only do homework in study hall and I don’t even check blackboard…whoops.” -Connor Dougherty

“I have not read a book my entire high school career.” -Joe Molski

“I am currently watching Friends for the 7th time if that tells you anything.” -Grace Brittingham

“I only read the first few chapters when writing the book notes on my whole SRP book. I eventually read it though, don’t worry.” -Patrick Mileham

“Avoid school at all costs.” -Emily Ferguson

“I have two study halls and have nothing to do, but still am too lazy to show up at school.” -Carson Fields

“I have gained a lot more television knowledge. I’ve finished 20 series this school year, it’s incredible.” -Bobby Dennerll

“It got so bad that at one point Wiseman had to call my mother because he doubted I’d finish my SRP.”- Drew Fiorenza

“Haven’t taken a single note in philosophy.” -Nathalie Weiss

“I did not go to sleep the night before the SRP was due. No sleep.” -Eric Tassos

“Stayed home from school for 3 days just to watch The Office.” -Drew Goheen

“Senioritis has led me to procrastinate answering these questions.” -Andrew Maze

Q: How do you cope this disease?

Dennerll enjoying a restful slumber (PHOTO BY DUNNING)

A: “I am just focused on summer and graduating.” -Connor Dougherty

“I keep it bottled up inside, the healthy way. Also—stress eating.” -Joe Molski

“Cry.” -Anna Stehling

“I take an unbelievable amount of naps. God’d gift to seniors.” -Bobby

“I just let it take it’s course. And finish stuff in study hall.” -Patrick Mileham

“Lots of caffeine” -Emily Ferguson

“I like to lift heavy weights. Just me and the bench press.” -Ryan Fields

“Honestly, I just let it slowly eat me alive.” -Grace Brittingham

“Countdown days until graduation…look toward the light.” -Carson Fields

“Don’t let it change you. Stay true to yourself.” -Drew Fiorenza 

“Using Google to cram for tests. Also- Netflix.” -Nathalie Weiss

“I just deal with it one day at a time.” -Eric Tassos

“Stay busy.” -Drew Goheen

“Procrastinators Anonymous” -Andrew Maze

Q: Is there a cure?

A: “Graduating.” -Nathalie Weiss

“Yes. You realize you’re not done with school yet.” -Drew Goheen

“Remembering at least you’re not a freshman.” -Emily Ferguson

“No more school after SRP.” -Joe Molski

“You got to look at Wally Renie’s smiling face and remember you do it for him.” -Bobby

“There is no cure.”- Patrick Mileham

“Pretending you care.” -Ryan Fields

“Nope, you just gotta deal.”-Anna Stehling

“Never become a senior, just get held back.” -Carson Fields

“There may be one out there, if so, someone please tell me where I can get it.” -Drew Fiorenza

“If your mom yells at you, yeah” -Eric Tassos

“No. It’s false. No.” -Andrew Maze