MHS Welcomes Miss B

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Miss B has wanted to be a teacher since she was a child, and is now fulfilling that dream at Mariemont. (PHOTO BY MAIRMEONTSCHOOLS.ORG)

After a few weeks at Mariemont High School, you may have seen a new face around the halls of the Math Pod. Blond and perky, Heather Butt, known to her students as Miss B, is the new geometry teacher, filling the absence of Mrs. Mock on the edge of the Math Pod.

Miss B has been active in our community for a while now. This summer she helped out with the tennis team, assisting the Junior High Coaches. “When I saw there was an opening for a math position, I decided to apply to see if I was lucky enough to land the job,” she says.

Miss B works in the Math Pod along with Mr. Colaw, Mr. Dixon, Mrs. Bell, Mr. Dennis, Mr. Miller, and Mr. Wainscott. (PHOTO BY OVERBEY)

Prior to starting at Mariemont, Miss B taught Algebra at Deer Park for two years. Before teaching, Miss B was an accountant for five years.

Miss B says she always wanted to teach, but was dissuaded by her parents because of the relatively low pay in teaching.  Instead, she decided to pursue accounting.

“About 5 years down into accounting, I realized I just wasn’t fulfilled by my job; it just wasn’t something I was excited to go to every day, so at that point they were promoting me and I decided to go teach instead,” she explains.

Contrary to popular belief, Miss B claims that accounting is not all math, but is based primarily in Algebra, which helped her in her previous job at Deer Park. With geometry however, she claims that a background as an engineer or artist would have helped more. Regardless, Miss B finds teaching to be ‘‘amazing”.

“The most fulfilling part of being a math teacher is being able to guide students to find their own answers. Rather than giving them an answer, ask them a question instead and watch them figure it out,” she says.

Miss B has family in the area with a father and stepmother in Springfield.

Outside of teaching, Miss B loves to play tennis and is planning on helping with the Varsity Softball team since she plays herself. In college at Moorhead University, she was the captain of her Varsity Tennis team for  three years as well as a mathematics tutor.

Unusually, she also plays a sport called Pickleball, which is a cross between ping pong and tennis involving a wiffleball and lighter rackets. Outside of sports, Miss B loves to spend time with her 7-year-old Pomeranian named Bear.

“The biggest part of my personality is that I like to try to add a little bit of fun to everything I’m doing,” she says.

Welcome Miss B!