Chipotle’s New Not-so Genuine “Genuine Queso”


The news is out. Chipotle has just released their highly anticipated “genuine queso.”

I couldn’t believe it. I had to try it. It was like a dream come true. I’ve been waiting for this moment for months now. I quickly grabbed my keys and rushed to Chipotle. All I ordered was the liquid gold itself and some of the iconic salt & lime chips. It took me only one chip to realize that the queso was a disappointment.

Chipotle’s new queso is getting mixed reviews. (PHOTO BY MOTTO)

Chipotle released its newest addition to its menu September 12th, receiving a resounding “It’s ok.” If you haven’t had the all new “genuine queso” from Chipotle, don’t worry because it’s not all that genuinely good. Although the mediocre cheese dip must have boosted Chipotle’s ratings for a little while, it did not pack a punch with the customers.

Eight juniors and seniors at Mariemont High School would all agree that, “It’s way too chunky.”

All of them would like the queso more, if it was more creamy, like white queso.  Senior Cole Harden says, “It’s way too spicy, and it should have less peppers.”

There is an option to get the queso on your burrito, but Connor Ridge has confirmed that it is in fact, “Worse on the burrito than just by itself.”

Most people said if these changes are made, they would give the queso another go. Junior Shaun Buxsel, however, “Would never try it again.” 

Junior Henry Rolander expresses, “It’s good but not extraordinary, and it should’t cost extra.”

Jack Ballard, a senior at Mariemont, thinks, “Chipotle’s queso has potential to become better than other restaurants”.

The eight juniors and seniors collectively gave the queso a rating of 6/10 at best. Chipotle needs to listen to the public on how to fix the cheese if they want to keep the queso relevant.