The Warpath introduces its new bachelorette

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     Though Mariemont High School is barely into its second week of February, many students are preparing for all things spring: spring break, sports, and of course, love. The Warpath is running its second season of The Warpath Bachelorette. Last run two years ago with ’09 graduate Leah Hamlin (and written by Scott Herkamp ’09), The Warpath Bachelorette is the premier reality “show” for MHS students looking for love.

This season the Warpath would like to anounce the holder of the highly coveted position of bachelorette:  MHS’s own senior, Sarah Bessey.  Bessey gives the Warpath the inside scoop about her journey for love, and we share it with you.

So Sarah, you’ve been chosen to be the Warpath’s new bachelorette, now tell us why you decided to take up the challenge.

Sarah: I thought it would spice up this slightly dull winter a little bit!

What do you generally look for in a man?

Tall, dark and handsome. Funny, charming, sweet!  Gingers are always fun!

You seem very open-minded, but what are some of your dating no-nos?

Don’t ever chew with your mouth open. Don’t look like a tool.  Always shave off grit ‘staches.

Do you think that you will find love?

I’m hoping I can, but a lot of it depends on how hard the guys work for me.