Mariemont Scraps Wrestling and Strikes Up Bowling


The inaugural season for the Mariemont Warrior Bowling Team kicks off on November 6, the first day of tryouts. The team will be led by head coach Jim Barr and volunteer assistant coach, Joe Veeneman.

The rumor of a bowling team became a reality for Mariemont students. This news has produced mixed emotions.

Senior Kyle Mason holds his follow through at tryouts on November 6th. (PHOTO BY KEMPER)

Senior MJ Griesmer said, “When I first heard we had a bowling team this year, I was surprised. It seemed odd.” Griesmer added, “I’m excited to have the opportunity to bowl regularly because it is a fun activity, and I only play a handful of times per year.”

Similar to Griesmer, freshman Luke Motto says, “I’m excited for everyone getting together and having a good time. I love bowling. I go about once a week.”

For wrestlers, the new bowling team has been a rude awakening for them. 

Sophomore Wesley Adams is frustrated at the fact that Mariemont will not be fielding a wrestling team anymore.

Wesley Adams reflects on last years wrestling season. (PHOTO BY KEMPER)

“I think it’s just ridiculous. We need to stop spending our money on unnecessary things and bring more focus to the wrestling team,” Adams said.

Fortunately, for those who still want to wrestle, Madeira is welcoming Mariemont students to their wrestling program. Simon Butler, Josh Turner, and Mac McLelland will be wrestling at Madeira this year.

For the new bowling squad, practices will be held at Madison Bowl, which will also be the home alley for their matches. The team will consist of eight bowlers on the Varsity team and possibly a Junior Varsity team.

Right now, the team is scheduled to play in 15 matches against schools from all over the city.  

Along with Mariemont; Deer Park, Wyoming, Taylor, and Reading have bowling teams competing for the CHL title.

With wrestling dropped from the high school, students may believe the wrestling room has lost its purpose. According to Mr. Nerl, the room will still host other activities.

“The wrestling room will be used as an addition to the weight room,” says Nerl. “It can be used for multiple purposes like yoga classes and workouts,” Nerl adds.

Mariemont graduate and assistant coach, Joe Veeneman, is looking forward to a great first season. Veeneman says, “I’m excited to see how much fun we can have with a new sport at Mariemont. I am also looking forward to helping kids grow!”

With all the excitement and positivity from Coach Veeneman, he leaves Warrior Nation with a final message: “Come out and support the team! A majority of our matches are at Madison Bowl. Let’s make this first season great!”