Senior Lunch Back in Session

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The beginning of second quarter is often a fresh start for students. For seniors at Mariemont High School, the beginning of the second quarter means one thing: going out for lunch!

Now that senior lunch is underway, students have a sense of this new freedom and how to manage their thirty minute lunch period.

“It has been great so far,” says senior Abby Ewart. “I go home and nap, and it is very relaxing.”

“It is alright. I don’t really like it that much,” says senior Cassidy Bollman. “It is too short, and I feel rushed.”

“I really like senior lunch,  but I think it is a little short for the thirty minutes we have,” says senior Sydney Nicholson.

Because seniors are only given thirty minutes to eat lunch, they have a limited range of options. Popular options so far include Skyline, Chipotle, friends’ houses, and Kroger.

“I don’t like having to scarf my food down before going to class,” says Nicholson.

Senior Andrew Krafft adds that, “The commute there [restaraunts] and back makes it difficult to go to some places far away.”

Despite the short lunch period, senior Hannah Coates finds the privilege valuable and makes the most of it.

“The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, our whole lunch table went to our friend’s house for ‘Friendsgiving,’ and we all brought different food to share and played Christmas music.” 

In order to attend senior lunch, you must have no more than five unexcused absences. Several seniors did not make the cut, including seniors Owen Dingle and Kennedy Moi.

“I am one of the few. I had a lot of tardies–I went home to get something and missed a couple of bells. Things happen,” says Dingle.

Similarly, Moi struggled with managing tardies.

“I came two minutes after the bell, and they wouldn’t let me slide by, and eventually they started adding up,” says Moi.

Although Dingle cannot attend, he says senior lunch does not appeal to him.

“It is super short, what is so good about it? You stress out, you drive somewhere, get some cold food, eat it on the way back, stressing out like you aren’t going to make it back on time,” says Dingle.

“Sometimes I am sad, but other times I am not, because I would be broke,” says Moi.

Dingle reflects as other seniors head out for senior lunch. (PHOTO BY CAMPBELL)

Because the majority of seniors head out for lunch, Dingle has struggled to adjust to the lonely lunch setting.

“There is a staircase–I like to hang under the staircase sometimes. Sometimes I will go to my car and listen to some sad music; I don’t know if that is allowed, but I do it,” says Dingle.

For Moi, loneliness has become a rare occurrence at lunch.

“I normally eat lunch with a few friends in the Upper Library while everyone else is at lunch.” Moi adds that, “My friends won’t be going out to lunch as much next quarter because of the costs.”