The Secret Places of the Mariemont School District


Living in the small Mariemont School District few areas are left unknown, unexplored and isolated from the public. Here are the top five places around the district you may not know of.

  1. Werner’s Point 

Located in the corner of the Terrace Park Nature Preserve, Werner’s Point features a scenic view of the Little Miami River, a chair carved out of a tree stump and an open area separated from the dense woods and trails. Whether you know of this spot or not, Werner’s Point offers a relaxing and exciting spot to walk to or hang out with friends at.

When asked what he thought of Werner’s Point, junior Michael Rubin said, “It’s an incredible place and the view is exquisite. Every time I go there it is a fantastic adventure.”

On this seat, created from a tree trunk, visitors of Werner’s Point can sit and contemplate the flowing river. (PHOTO BY PAYIATIS)

Directions from MHS:

Adventure Rating*: 7/10 

2. Mariemont Landing Seating

The second best spot is situated at the river in front of Mariemont Landing near Mariemont Kroger. The seating is placed at the riverfront creating a relaxing environment to chill and watch the river.

Sophomore Simon Butler said, “I love the seating and view there, it is glorious. More people should know about it.”

The sun setting over the spanning river in front of the seating are. (PHOTO BY PAYIATIS)

Directions from MHS:

Adventure Rating*: 6/10

3. South 80/Railroad tracks

The South 80 and surrounding railroad tracks have always been a hot spot for people to hike and explore making this a perfect spot for people who don’t want to go to much trouble for a good adventure. The stretching railroad tracks, train bridge, graffiti and surrounding fields make for a perfect time of exploration and enjoying nature.

Junior Jacob Cox shared his thoughts about the South 80. “It is a really neat place to go and hang out with your friends,” Cox said.

The view of the notorious Little Miami River from the train bridge at the South 80. (PHOTO BY PAYIATIS)

Directions from MHS:

Adventure Rating*: 9/10 

4. Hidden Park 

Located near the old Mariemont Square and the location of the old skate park, the “hidden park” as dubbed by many as a fun  place to visit when bored. Featuring playgrounds, swings, a baseball field, gardens and sitting areas it makes a great place to hang out and mess around with friends.

“It’s a cool area that’s always a go-to when my friends and I are bored and want to go out,” said junior James Dimichele.

Take a break to enjoy the views of the serene, secluded parkland at the sitting area. (PHOTO BY PAYIATIS)

Directions from MHS:

Adventure Rating*: 6/10

5. Ziegler Park

Ziegler Park is across from the Fairfax Swim Club and down the street from MJHS. At Ziegler there is covered sitting, bathrooms, playground, soccer fields, and walking trails around the area. Down by the pool parking lot dirt trails that stretch out along the creek and is a nice place to hike and explore.

Junior and Ziegler Park regular, Avery Brinkman said, “The area is nice because it is out of the way and secluded. It is a great place to relax and reflect on your day.”

Get lost in the beautiful trails and areas Ziegler Park has to offer. (PHOTO BY PAYIATIS)

Directions from MHS:

Adventure Rating*: 5/10


*Ratings based off of length of trip