Has Snapchat Taken Over MHS?

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Snapchat, a popular form of social media, is used by over 150 million people across the world. It is an app where users exchange pictures and videos with their friends, along with funny filters, face swaps, and geotags. What makes the app unique is that the pictures and videos have a required time limit. They can be seen for a maximum of 10 seconds and Snapchat stories can be visible for 24 hours. The students and faculty at Mariemont High School, as well as thousands of other Snap-chatters, use the app every day. 

Senior Brady Holliday is one of the many students who frequently use Snapchat. Holliday has a very high Snapchat score, which is the number of total snapchats one has received and sent. His score is over 1.1 million. He says, “I’m basically on the app all day, except for in my Government class. It’s my main way of contacting people and knowing what everyone else is doing.”

He admits he uses the app more often than he should. “If I didn’t have a Snapchat, I would get a lot more work done during and after school because it is very distracting,” says Holliday.  

Junior Josh McClorey is also a regular Snapchat user. He says, “When I get home from school I’m on the app a lot, and it often keeps me from doing my homework.”

Although McClorey’s Snapchat score is not nearly as high as Holliday’s, he Snapchats 25 people and has, what some might say, a remarkably long Snapchat streak of 414 days. (A streak number indicates the number of days you have consecutively exchanged Snapchats with another user).

Not only does Snapchat allow users to send photos to each other seamlessly, but it also brings people together. Snapchat enables users to easily view what their friends are doing, as long as they’ve shared it over the app or on their Snapchat Story. “Seeing what other people are doing is a big part of why I use snapchat,” says Junior Lily Karlson.

Karlson says she uses it to make plans with her friends because it is a faster and more fun way to communicate.  

Seniors Brooke Woellert and Lauren Kaminer using one of the many fun filters that are available on Snapchat. (PHOTO BY WOELLERT)

These students and many others agree that although it is fun, Snapchat takes a lot of time out of their day.

Junior Wally Renie says, “When I’m reading a book, sometimes I’ll take a break and go on Snapchat, but when I go back to reading I forget what I read about and I have to reread it.”

Others say it gets in the way of their studies.

“I spend time on Snapchat that I could be using to do homework or studying, but it’s hard to get off of the app once you’re on it,” says senior Ashley Rothert.

Some of the faculty at Mariemont feel that Snapchat is a disturbance, often in the classroom.

Math teacher Mr. Wainscott doesn’t understand the concept of Snapchat or why students think taking selfies on an app is fun. Wainscott says, “Phones are the worst distraction I’ve seen in 30 years.”

Snapchat is a popular app, but science teacher Mr. Hewitt says, “If students didn’t have it, they would find another way to do the same thing, maybe with an app similar to Snapchat.”

He thinks that it is a distraction to students, along with many other apps and games that are also available on phones and computers.

Science teacher Mr. Hewitt casually taking a selfie before his astronomy class. (PHOTO BY  KROMER)

Senora Timmerding, Spanish teacher at MHS, does not see Snapchat as a distractor in the classroom. She thinks it is a fun way to communicate with others and even has a Snapchat account of her own. She doesn’t use it often, but when she does, she says, “I use it to share special moments with my family members.”

Snapchat is also used by Derek Bischoff, Mariemont’s school police Resource officer. Although Bischoff doesn’t use Snapchat nearly as much as the students do, he says, “Taking pictures of my kids and sending them to my friends is mostly what I do on Snapchat. I’ll occasionally send a selfie, but only if it has a cool filter on it.”