Celebrity Look-Alikes in MHS


There are a handful of celebrity doppelgangers wondering around the hallways at Mariemont.  

Many students have been mistaken or told their appearance is similar to a celebrity or TV character and some admit to seeing a resemblance.

Isabella Paz – Madison Beer 

Sophomore, Isabella Paz has an undeniable resemblance to eighteen-year-old model and singer Madison Beer.

Paz even says, “At Chipotle and when I am working people have asked me if I was Madison Beer.” However personally she “doesn’t see the resemblance.”

Junior, Payton Megowen says, “I can really see the similarity. They are both so pretty.”

Katie Copetas – Sloane Peterson (Mia Sara)

Actress Mia Sara who may be better know as Sloane Peterson in the 1980s film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, shares a striking resemblance to junior Katie Copetas.

“I’ve been told I look like Sloane a few times, and I can kind of see it,” says Copetas.

Fellow classmate and Junior, Elisabeth Stewart says, “They look a lot alike. Whenever I watch the movie it makes me think of Katie.”


Luke Ross – JP Normile

Luke Ross the, character from Disney Channel’s TV show, Jessie, and sophomore, JP Normile share similar facial features. However, Normile says, “We don’t look alike. I think Hunter Riportella (a junior) looks more like him.“


Max Geers – Jonah Hill

Probably the most well-known celebrity doppelgangers in Mariemont, senior Max Geers and actor Jonah Hill have extremely similar looks.

Jacob Mantle – Ken Jeong  

“In junior high people told me I look like Leslie Chow,” says Mantle. Not as much anymore but, junior, Jacob Mantle claims upperclassmen often told him he looked a lot like the actor Ken Jeong who plays Leslie Chow in the movie The Hangover.

Lindsay Sticker – Betty (from Riverdale)

Though I have never seen Riverdale a friend pointed out to me the resemblance between Mariemont junior, Lindsay Sticker, and Betty from the popular TV series.  

Connor Ridge – Liam (from 90210)

For those of you who are familiar with the TV show 90210, the actor who plays Liam and Junior Connor Ridge share an uncanny resemblance.

“I can’t watch the show now without thinking of Connor Ridge,” says classmate Emma Kuwatch.

Although Ridge says, “I don’t see it.”