VR: New Tech at School

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Delve into an alternate reality, journey around the earth or visit the space station, with VR technology MHS students can now transport themselves into the past, the future and fantasy worlds beyond your their imaginations.

As of recently, MHS and other schools around the district have introduced new VR technology to the students. More specifically, the MHS library now features one of the new VR consoles, the Oculus Rift.  Many students are taking advantage of this new technology.

The origin of said VR systems has been cloudy as many students are questioning the worthiness of the costly systems for the whole district.  

Junior Chad Fanta, who often uses the system, says, “It’s really awesome but might be a waste of money that we could have of invested into something else.”

MHS Librarian, Mrs. Colpi said, “The Oculus was actually donated through a grant from an alumni. It was no cost to the school.”

Joining in on Fanta, senior Harrison Keith added, “I’ve only seen games being played on them so I’m not sure if they are worth the price either, but since it was donated and seeing them used as a learning tool is really cool and I’m excited to see more how they are used.” 

After hearing this information Keith had a new perspective on this cool technology, “I could definitely see how it could have a really good impact on the school, academically and for fun, especially since it was through a grant.” 

The Oculus headset and control sitting unused on the library table. (PHOTO BY PAYIATIS)

As news of the Oculus spreads throughout the school, many students have been eager to try it out and to share their thoughts on the experience.

Sophomore Malachai Hammond says, “It’s really cool, the experience is awesome. I would recommend everyone to try it out.”

Another sophomore and technology enthusiast, George Koehler says, “Using the VR was crazy, all the games were super fun and interesting. I’m excited to see how the teachers utilize this technology.”

Although almost all reviews of the Oculus have been good, several students reported feeling nauseous and motion sickness while and after using it.  

Fanta says, “I haven’t felt sick while using it but I know that people experience nausea from it.”

Junior James Dimichele, who used the Oculus during a class experience, says, “I felt sick when I had the headset on for a while. The effects can be really disorienting but nevertheless it was fun.”

The Alienware computer running the Oculus Rift. (PHOTO BY PAYIATIS)

Also taking advantage of this technology are the teachers. Currently, only the history department has used it to teach lessons but they have been very successful. Many teachers are likely to be using the tech in the future.

Art teacher, Mrs. Richardson said, “I’m hoping to use it for my intersession this spring. I think it would be really cool.”

Overall, the new technological addition to the school has been widely celebrated, often creating lines for students who want to give the experience a try. While waiting in line, senior Jake Motto says, “Im excited to see more technology like this in the school in the future. It’s awesome!”