The Best of MHS Recreational Hoops 2018


The Cincinnati Premier Youth Basketball League is an escape for those who may not be as gifted as the studs who play on the high school Warrior basketball team. But MHS has six recreational teams battling for a championship.

These scrappy hustlers may not get enough of the recognition they deserve. Here is an overview of the best recreational basketball teams at Mariemont High School.


Class of 2021

Team Name: Dream Team 

Record as of 2/20: (3-7)

Team Members: Jackson Kuwatch, Nick Jones, Andrew Getgey, Chase Hollander, Tony Mershon Jarrod Hartman, McClain Lemay, Jacob McKenrick, Tyler Tritsch, Holden McCord

Coach: John Getgey

MVP: “Probably me. I’m the only one who has played real basketball,” says freshman Jackson Kuwatch.

Best moment: “I hit a buzzer-beat three pointer. Pull up, off the dribble, NBA style,” said Kuwatch.

What to look forward to: Kuwatch says, “The tournament.”


Class of 2020

#99 Michael Moehring leads the team in points and rebounds. (PHOTO BY MCCLOREY)

Team Name: Squish 

Record as of 2/20: (5-5)

Team Members: Zach McClorey, Bates Gall, Michael Moehring, George Koehler, Reece Grant, Luke Robinson, Will Stutenroth, Johann Schupp, Jack Neville, and Rye Walker.

Coach: Burke Neville

MVP: Michael Moehring

Best Moment: Bates Gall says the funniest moment occurred when “Michael went to the Indian Hill team’s bench when they were destroying us. The Indian Hill coach almost put him in the game.”

What to look forward to: “The championship game,” says Gall.


Class of 2019

Team Name: Poppy’s Babies 

Record as of 2/20: (2-8)

Team Members: Charlie Cowart, Henry Rolander, Braden Bortz, Wally Renie, Brady Holliday, Josh McClorey, Hunter Riportella, and Justin Taylor.

Coach: Neil “Poppy” Bortz

MVP: “I would say Hunter Riportella is our MVP. He’s a shooter. He knows how to get the ball in the basket,” says junior Henry Rolander

Best Moment: Junior Josh McClorey says, “When we played against Milford they had a kid who always stuck his tongue out when he dribbles. Braden made fun of him and everyone on the court heard him.”

What to look forward to: Rolander says, “Winning.”


Junior Rubin calls his favorite play, “scorpion” (PHOTO BY GEERS).

Team Name: Ball Beaters 

Record as of 2/20: (0-10)

Team Members: Andrew Adams, Michael Rubin, Shaun Buxsel, Mark Andrews, Ben Ciolino, Charlie Geers, Peter Payiatis, Aiden Shenton, Corben Shoemaker, Timothy Spaeth, Drew Pitstick, and Reid Stautberg.

Coach: Brad Rubin and Grandma Gayle 

MVP: “Peter Payiatis. Because he has never been to a game or practice,” says Junior Andrew Adams.

Best Moment: “Last practice Andrew kicked a ball off the wall and it hit Corben Shoemaker in the face. Corben and Andrew started fighting. Drew Pitstick punched me in the face out of no where. Then me and Drew starting fighting,” said Charlie Geers.

What to look forward to: Adams says, “Trying to get our first win!”


Class of 2018

Team Name: We Can Dunk 

Record as of 2/20: (9-1)

Team Members: Henry Lewis, Andrew Brandser, Will Henning, Quinn Driggett, Charlie Ferguson, Logan Campbell, Robert Kerr

Coaches: Alan Henning and Jackson Northrop

MVP: “I would say Quinn Driggett. He is the best all around player. He can shoot, dribble, rebound, and pass. Quinn could play any position,” says Senior Quinn Driggett.

Best Moment: According to Driggett, “Andrew made a guy mad and the dude threw the ball at Andrew’s face. It’s okay because the guy got thrown out of the game.”

What to look forward to: “Bringing home the gold,” says Driggett.

The Dream Chasers were all smiles after a near brawl against Kings (PHOTO BY DINGLE).

Team Name: Dream Chasers 

Record as of 2/20: (5-4)

Team Members: Jack Ballard, Nate Moehring, Bradley Barrett, Marshown Curtis, Bradley Quick, Will Kemper, Owen Dingle, and Andrew Shriver

Coaches: Mike Moehring and Carter Kemper

MVP: “Definitely me,” said third-string point guard Bradley Quick.

Best Moment: “Funniest moment was probably when we almost had a full-out brawl after the Kings game,” says Quick.

What to look forward to: Quick says, “Scoring buckets, being with the bros, fighting more kids.”