Music Festivals: The Run Down


Ever since the electrifying journey of Woodstock ‘69, music festivals have been popular in the US of A. They are sanctuaries for people who want to rock, get psychedelic and mesmerized by crazy lights and great music.

Concerts and music festivals are a great way to listen to your favorite artists, and, what I prefer more, listen to new artists that we’ve never heard before. Every concert or music festival I’ve been to, I’ve found at least one performer that I don’t know, Michael Christmas and Louis the Child to name a few, and still listen to today.

Chris Wood attended to Bunbury last year and had a blast. He found a few artists that he had never heard before, for example New Politics. Wood says, “New Politics have become one of my favorite bands to this day, I love them.” 

At the start of the school year Lauren Kaminer headed West to the Life’s Beautiful concert in Las Vegas. She enjoyed all the artists but discovered one in particular, a band she had never heard before: Russ. Kaminer says, “I loved his up beat and joyful lyrics, it was also really cool since the sun was going down while he was performing.”

Talking about the sun, the weather at summer music festivals and concerts is usually brightly hot. Chad Fanta, Chris Wood, Sean Buxsel and Trey Stewart all said they wore tank tops and shorts.

Stephen Murdock went to the Rib and Jazz fest in Columbus and said he “made the mistake of wearing flannel, because the weather was like 80 degrees.”

Some concerts are indoors, so people have the luxury of air conditioning. Emily Cox went to the St. Vincent concert downtown and said she “had the luxury of having it being air conditioned.”

Stephen Murdock, Trey Stewart and Sean Buxsel dislike the crowd at the concerts, saying that they can be “gross” and “wild.”

Lauren Kaminer disliked going too early to the music festival.  She said, “I would always get too tired.”

Nearly 400,000 people attended Lollapalooza last summer (PHOTO BY MOTTO).

Chad Fanta disliked the Future concert last summer at Riverbend. He was expecting to see an amazing concert full of popular artists, such as Future, Migos, Tory Lanez and A$AP Ferg. Fanta was disappointed along with thousands of other people at the concert, including me, when the Migos didn’t show up to the Future concert this past summer. One of the members of the group had been hospitalized, so they couldn’t make it to the concert.

My love for concerts and music festivals was born last summer when I traveled to Chi-Town to Lollapalooza, a 4-day music festival full of bass and chaotic crowds of people. There was always someone to hear, whether it be popular rappers like: Amine, Rae Sremmurd, Lil Yachty and Chance the Rapper or performers I had never heard before, Michael Christmas. If I wasn’t at a main stage, I was over by the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) stage because it was full of crazy DJs and lights.

I’m really looking forward to concerts and music festivals this summer. I have plans to head to Chicago to go back to my favorite music festival, Lollapalooza. I want to see Post Malone, who is performing at Bunbury this year, and I might be going to Ultra Music Festival as well. Some other festivals that I’ve heard great things about are: Coachella in California, Bonnaroo in Tennessee, Hangout in Alabama, Camp Flog Naw in California and Governors Ball in New York.