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Cincy Bites: Students’ Favorite Places to Dine

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As a high school student, one of the most cherished times of the school year seems to be the weekend. MHS students have the option to venture out and around Mariemont and Cincinnati, much of the time stopping for a bite to eat along the way. The question is… where should they choose to make their stop?

Out of roughly 1,500 restaurants located throughout Cincinnati, MHS students gave their ratings on the overall favorites. With the wide variety of dining options the city, students narrowed it down to their top five: Krueger’s Tavern, Eli’s BBQ, Taste of Belgium, Maplewood and The Eagle.  

Listed below are student reviews and ratings of each restaurant.


KRUEGER’S TAVERN:  located in downtown Cincinnati, Kruegers overlooks OTR. Also, has been become a commonly heard name throughout the school due to their burgers and infamous fries.

Overall Review: 5/5

Food: Kruegers offers a wide range of different appetizers, entrees and desserts. Best known for their burgers

Paz and Caroline Lopez eating bacon cheeseburgers on the rooftop deck at Krueger’s Tavern in Over the Rhine (PHOTO BY COATES).

According to sophomore Ava Dorsten says, “You have to try the pretzels and beer cheese…. So good.”

Agreeing with Dorsten, senior Chloe Reavill says, “ The beer cheese is to die for.” Reavill also adds, “You have to get the bacon cheeseburger and the fries, and you will be all set.

Not only is Krueger’s known for their appetizers and their entrees, sophomore Will Stutenroth says, “I love their chocolate souffle, it’s unreal.”

Atmosphere: With a rooftop deck, and contemporary styles, Krueger’s offers a hip atmosphere.

Having an eye for detail, Stutenroth enjoys more than just the food. He says, “ I really love the wood panelling.”

“I love the scenery and the rooftop deck, it is nice during Summer,” says Dorsten.

With the unique atmosphere Reavill says, “The interior is very different, and I love the lighting.”

Bang for Buck: With menu items ranging from seven to eleven dollars, students say Krueger’s is reasonably priced.

Sophomore Bates Gall says, “ Oh yeah! Sure fair prices, a burger is like 10 bucks.”

Similarly, Dorsten says,  “I think if you take 20 dollars, you will be fine for a hamburger and fries and maybe even an appetizer!”.

Krueger’s Tavern was given an all around rating of five due to its service, atmosphere, food quality, and decent pricing, according to MHS students.


ELI’S BBQ: Located in both Findlay Market and on Riverside Drive near Mount Lookout, each location offers different experiences, but with an overall similar vibe. Outdoor eating areas, and picnic tables are offered at both. Known for their pulled pork, Eli’s also offers many well known sides and appetizers.

Overall review stars: 4.1/5

Food: Serving country style food, Eli’s offer BBQ and ribs with many different side options to add to your meal.

Senior MJ Griesemer started off his description of Eli’s with only positive comments. His favorite order is a pulled pork sandwich with sides of macaroni & cheese and a potato pancake, he says.

“Best barbecue in town.  Eli’s is the best,” says freshman Seth Greene along with his 5/5 rating on the restaurant.

Sophomore Bates Gall says he looks forward to more than just their barbecue. He says the mac ‘n’ cheese is very creamy, and is a great addition to his order.

Atmosphere: With indoor and outdoor eating areas, Eli’s has a laid back and southern environment.  

Eli’s BBQ heated tent that they set up during the winter, but take the walls down for during the summer (PHOTO BY COATES).

“The paintings of the restaurant and the southern rustic feelings makes me feel the Willie Nelson vibes,” says sophomore JP Normile.

Freshman Claire Solier says, “I like the laid back atmosphere there–super relaxing.”

Bang for buck: With the BBQ sandwiches at 6 dollars and the sides at 2.50, Eli’s is known for providing lots of food, at a reasonable price.

Both Normile and Solier agree that Eli’s is decently priced.

Griesmer adds, “For the type of restaurant that it is, I would say it is decently priced. More expensive than some places, but offers more gourmet, better quality food than those other places as well.”

TASTE OF BELGIUM: Known for their waffles and their trendy interior, Taste of Belgium is located all throughout Cincinnati in places like Rookwood, downtown and Findlay Market.

Overall review stars:  4.2/5

Food: Best acknowledged for their different waffles and assortment of toppings. Also, Taste of Belgium offers salads, burgers, mac n cheese and more.

Barrett enjoying a meal of chicken and waffles from the Rookwood Taste of Belgium to celebrate the beginning of summer (PHOTO BY POINDEXTER).

Junior exchange student Johann Schupp had the burger and said the burger was okay, but the fries were amazing.

Sophomore Zach McClorey says his favorite food there is the chicken and waffle. He says , “I love that it is sweet and spicy at the same time.”

“The waffles are my favorite, because I love waffles, everyone loves waffles,” says sophomore Naomi Akagha.

Atmosphere: Taste of Belgium has an updated interior, completed with private rooms for big parties and lots of seating throughout the restaurant.

McClorey, after going there for Snowball dinner, says, “the interior is very cool”.

Akagha agrees with McClorey saying, “the interior is very comfortable and cool”.


Bang for buck: The prices range from 6-dollar waffles, to 13-dollar salads and 5-dollar desserts.

Some think the prices are unreasonable, like McClorey says, while Akagha says the prices are fair for what food you are getting.

MAPLEWOOD: Located just around the corner from Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati. They are most commonly known for their breakfast food, but they serve lunch and dinner, as well.

Overall review stars:  4.3/5

Food: From Brunch to dinner, Maplewood offers Lemon pancakes, toast, sandwiches, french fries and many different juices.

A meal of avocado toast & fries off of the lunch menu from Maplewood (PHOTO BY BARRETT).

Senior Strattan Lemay is one of Maplewood’s loyal customers. “It’s very good. High quality food with lots of taste,” he says.

“I love the avocado toast and french fries because they are very delicious. They also serve some really good healthy juices,” says sophomore Lauren Barrett.

Atmosphere: With their L.A style restaurant, there is many chic aspects such as natural light, bright colors and a buffet line.

Barrett’s favorite part about the atmosphere is light and bright interior, she says.

Lemay added to this, and said, “There’s very lively atmosphere.”

Bang for buck: Prices are varairing, special juices are around 6, sandwiches and brunch foods averaging 10 dollars.

Sophomore Mike Ryan see’s the cost to be a little overpriced, he says.

Barrett agrees and says the same, but also: “It is worth it!”

THE EAGLE: Located in downtown OTR, known for their long wait lines and fried chicken. Also have many tasty side dishes like their maple bacon.

Overall review stars: 4.8/5

Food: Known for their fried chicken, and mac n’ cheese, The Eagle offers different sandwiches, appetizers such as maple bacon and country-styled beans.

Mixed meal from The Eagle, picturing their famous chicken sandwich and maple bacon (PHOTO BY GOOGLE).

Three sophomores, Bates Gall, Reese Grant, and Andrew Mehl gave their thoughts on the food that’s served.

“The chicken there is a little different” Reese Grant says, but also says that it’s a good kind of different.

Mehl believes that the fried chicken here is his very favorite food, he says.

Gall tops off the food review for The Eagle by saying, “You’ve got to get the chicken waffle with the fries. The fries are amazing.”

Atmosphere: The Eagle is a rustic contemporary style in a small building in OTR. Has lots of paintings, and wood decor.

Grant describes the restaurant’s atmosphere by saying, “It is located in Over the Rhine and is hip.”

“I would say that the atmosphere is live,” says Mehl.


Bang for buck: Fried chicken prices vary from $4 to $16 ($16 will get you the entire chicken). The sides are $3, while the sandwiches are around $8.

Gall says that “it is reasonably priced for the food quality.”

Grant finishes off and says, “It is very good food, with a good atmosphere, and an overall good price for the area.”



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