Celebrity Look for Less

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Ever want a celebrity look without spending hundreds to get it? Warpath went on the mission to see if it’s possible to recreate a $1,000+ look for under $20. Here are the looks we found for less, inspired by the most sought after celebrity styles.

Sophomore Melanie Weiss says, “I like how Bella wears ‘everyday’ clothes that would work all the time. Her style is very casual but fun.”




Bella Hadid is pictured wearing:                     Our prices from St. Vincent De Paul:

Topshop Polar Bear Cocoon Coat: $117.66                           Coat: $4.99

I.AM.GIA Xtina Pants: $100                                                    Pants: $4.99

and Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers: $850                                Shoes: $4.00

Total: $1,067.66                                                                      Total: $13.98

                                              Savings: $1,053.68

“Kendall Jenner has a unique style. I want her closet,” says junior Marin Valentine.



Kendall Jenner was spotted in Los Angeles wearing:         Our Prices from Goodwill:

Michael Lauren Everett Long Sleeve Thumbhole Tee: $47.00           Top: $2.00

and Adibreak Tearaway Track Pants: $80.00                                     Pants: $5.00

Total: $127                                                                                         Total: $7.00

                                             Savings: $665.91


“I like her (Zendaya’s) style a lot, and I like her a lot. she’s a trendsetter and not afraid to be herself,” says junior Kyleigh Spang.



Zendaya is seen wearing:                              Our prices from St. Vincent DePaul:

Hanes x karla The Crop Top: $30.00                                                  Top: $2.49

Daya Gym Pants from her collection: $24.00                                     Pants: $4.99

and UGG Scuffette II Slippers: $85.00                                               Shoes: $2.00

Total: $139.00                                                                                     Total: $9.48

                                                      Savings: $129.52


“I kinda like her (Kendall’s) style, sometimes she looks like a rock star,” says freshman Megan Weinland.




Kendall Jenner posted on instagram wearing:             Our Prices from Goodwill:

Enfants Riches Deprimes Home School Tee: $460.00                      Top: $2.50

Levi’s 501 Jeans: $134.40                                                                 Pants: $4.99

and Kendall + Kylie Kye Rimless Sunglasses: $80.00                       Glasses: $1.00

Total: $674.40                                                                                    Total: $8.49


                                                          Savings: $120

“She (Kendall) wears what she wants and she doesn’t let reviews stop her from what she wants. She’s comfortable with her body,” says senior Kennedy Moi.





Kendall Jenner was seen wearing:                    Our Prices from St. Vincent DePaul:

the Eckhaus Latta Lapped Baby Floral Turtleneck: $135               Top: $4.99

Monse Wrapped Waist Jeans: $790                                               Pants: $4.00

Illesteva Vinyl Sunglasses: $22                                                       Glasses: $2.00

a Vintage Chanel Belt Bag: go for $1,000+                                    Belt Bag: $3.50

and Adidas Raf Simons Spirit High Canvas Sneakers: $209          Shoes: $3.00

Total: $2,354                                                                                   Total: $17.49

                                                   Savings: $2,336.51