Project Runway or Project Hallway? A Inside Look at the Wardrobes of MHS Teachers


For some students, teachers are just people that give out homework and grade papers. Sometimes it can be difficult for students to see their teachers as anything other than that.

Each teacher is unique, from classroom procedures and test formats to extra credit opportunities. But what is one thing that really makes a teacher stand out from the rest? The way they dress themselves. 

I talked to some of MHS’s finest fashionistas to understand their clothing choices and the influences of their daily wardrobe.

English teacher Ms. Riley considers her style to be “comfortable but chic.” A shoe lover, she said she tends to pick her trendy outfits based on her shoe choice for the day.

“Even though my outfits are usually decided by what shoes I’m wearing, what I choose depends on how I’m feeling that day… if I’m tired, I will dress nicer to wake myself up,” said Riley.

This fashionista loves solid colors, and said she enjoys shopping at Old Navy, Gap and Nordstrom. Her favorite place to purchase comfortable clothes is Lululemon.

Math teacher Mr. Wainscott goes for the “classic look” in his every day outfits. “I don’t shop. I rotate the shirts and pants I have, and I never plan out what I wear. I just grab the first thing I find and go with it,” Wainscott said.

Fashionista Mr. Wainscott rocking one of his favorite outfits while teaching one of his AP Stats classes. (PHOTO BY KROMER)

Fashion guru Wainscott prefers comfort over style. He adds, “If I could, I’d wear sweatpants and a pullover every day.”

Another teacher that goes for a “simple look” is English teacher, Mr. Weiss. Although his style is uncomplicated, Weiss takes pride in his clothing choices.

“For work, I typically wear a button down with a V-neck sweater over it, nice pants and my favorite dress shoes. The nicer I look, the better I feel. I also like to wear T-shirts and jeans in my home life,” said Weiss.

Weiss adds some color into his outfits by wearing mismatched socks with different patterns every day. “My kids are never wearing a matching pair of socks, and they like to mix them up, so I decided to do the same. It’s something I do because my kids love to do it,” Weiss said.

Mr. Weiss wearing his favorite shoes, along with mismatched patterned socks. (PHOTO BY KROMER).

Someone else that enjoys personalizing her outfits is librarian Mrs. Colpi. She is notorious for her spunk, which directly translates into her fashion decisions.

Colpi describes her style as “eclectic” and said she picks her extraordinary outfits based on her mood.

“If I’m in a bad mood when I wake up, I will dress up more and choose something I feel really good in to make me happy,” Colpi adds.

Her favorite clothing item at the moment are her new fur boots. Colpi said, “The boots look ridiculous with the fur on top of them, and I’m sure they are way out of style, but I love them and they keep my feet so warm!”

Spanish teacher Senora Timmerding always makes a statement with her brightly colored clothing choices. Timmerding said she doesn’t care if her outfit matches, she just puts together whatever she wants to wear.

“I don’t see myself as having a particular style and I’m okay with it,” said Timmerding. This fashionista said she is not brand loyal, and enjoys shopping at non-name brand stores for her clothes.

Along with wearing bright colors and fun patterns, Timmerding likes to wear statement necklaces to top off her outfits. “I wear certain jewelry for certain holidays or occasions. Like for ‘Day of the Dead,’ I like to wear skull-themed items, I wear flag pins on special days, and I have many meaningful beads and pins I wear that are important to me,” Timmerding said.

Style is one of the few ways that teachers can express their individuality while at work. So the next time you see a teacher looking fresh, maybe take a second to compliment their outfit.