What Teachers’ Closets Say About Them


Books, folders, boxes and extra pens and pencils. Do these items that teachers leave in their closets say anything about them?

Though some are bigger than others, each teacher in the Mariemont High School has a closet attached to his or her classroom. In these closets they have enough shelf space for extra books, boxes, papers, or whatever they might need more space for.

Mr. Kuhn’s organized closet reflects his organized teaching style, according to students (PHOTO BY COATES).

The science teachers are known to have some of the largest closets within the school. Mr. Kuhn, CP and AP Chemistry teacher, is well known among multiple grades.

As both the CP and Honors teacher, he currently has every sophomore in one of his classes. Ava Dorsten is one of these sophomores, and sees Kuhn for CP Chemistry once a day.

“Mr. Kuhn is prioritized and pretty organized with all of the labs. I can imagine his closet being organized, but not so much that it is color coordinated,” Dorsten said.

Sophomore JP Normile sits through Chemistry each day with Mr. Kuhn as well. Normile said, “He is entertaining, very smart, and has good metaphors. I would say he is an organized teacher.”

Kuhn, himself, said “Oh yeah, I am definitely organized.”

Honors sophomore chemist, Will Stutenroth, said that he expected a clean closet, and that he can see Mr. Kuhns organization during his fifth bell class.

Just a few steps out the door and down the hall, the downstairs art room is located on the left.

Ms. Richardson, art teacher, teaches students from each grade. As an art

The large art classroom closet is shared between Mrs. Richardson, and her art-teacher-friend Mrs. Hasselback, and shows how much space and items are needed for different art courses (PHOTO BY COATES).

teacher, she is able to share her knowledge with a wide variety of people.

Grace Amlung, a junior student of Ms. Richardson’s said, “She is a really kind, sweet, and understanding teacher.” Amlung also feels that since Richardson has so many classes to teach, that her closet could be kind of scattered, but in a way that she still would know where everything was.

Sophomore Ellie Poindexter said “Mrs. Richardson is kindhearted, and overall put-together.”

In words to describe herself, Mrs. Richardson said she is busy, enthusiastic, and hopes to be seen as approachable and fun.

Does this business effect her closet?

Brady Holliday, senior, has her seventh bell and said given her crazy schedule that he is not surprised by the condition of her closet, as shown on the right.

Bell said that the scariest part about her closet is that, in fact, it does describe herself. This teacher’s closet shows how, behind the blinds, a teacher can be different than their teaching style (PHOTO BY COATES).

Mrs. Bell is both a Geometry and Algebra II teacher for Mariemont High School. She teaches both freshman and sophomores.

Current sophomore student, Jada Smiley said, “Mrs. Bell has a very animated personality and is really enthusiastic about math and her profession. She is also pretty organized.”

Mrs. Bell, herself, said, “I look like I have it all together, but really on the inside……hah.”

Lastly, Mr. Weiss currently teaches sophomore and senior English classes. 

This organized closet shows how Mr. Weiss’ classroom and classes are similar to what is going on outside doors, too (PHOTO BY COATES).

It is widely known that he has a much larger closet than most. As this is the case, some other teachers know this as well and use it to their advantage. 

Senior Chloe Reavill said, “He is a really down-to-earth guy. The type of person you would want to have a drink with and talk to (once you’re 21, of course).” 

Mr. Weiss said that the important fundamentals of his teaching are humor, community, and authenticity. He opened his closet and said that he keeps boxes of yearbooks for Mr. Becksfort, and has lots of other things that have been passed down to him through the years.

Altogether, MHS teachers closets reflect a variety of themselves and their teaching styles.