Homecoming: Seniors Past Experience and the Run Down of 2019

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Mikesell working on 2017’s float.


Everyone views homecoming differently: busy, stressful, exciting, some even view it as the best week of the year. This year, the senior class began the busy season with a theme conflict.

Originally, student council voted on the theme of music, the senior class having rock and roll. Yet just two weeks before, they voted again to change it to ancient civilizations.

“We were just scared that the music theme was too similar to last years,” class President Lily Karlson states.

Senior student representative Ian Mikesell creates the shirts every year, this year starting on the rock and roll themed one in the summer.

“I was kind of bummed because I picked music as a possible theme and it was voted as the winner, but it ended up being changed anyways,” says Mikesell.  

Despite this, he is still excited. “My favorite part about homecoming week is definitely the parade and football game.  I am really pumped about this year because we are playing our rivals, Indian Hill, so the parade, pow wow, and rival game are all the same week as Homecoming.  Pretty special way to go out as a senior,” Mikesell states.

Pictured: last year’s float and members of student council.


Corben Shoemaker, senior class Treasurer has also dealt with the float since sophomore year, saying that it is just as stressful. He comments that even though his involvement is required, the dinner has always been his favorite part of homecoming, and the dances are growing on him.

“As I get older, I like it better. As a freshman I felt uncomfortable because the seniors went crazy, but now I’m the one that gets to go crazy and make people feel awkward. I’m excited,” Shoemaker states.


Shoemaker and his date, Emma Kuwatch, at homecoming 2015 freshman year and then 2017 as juniors.

Sports are also busy at this time of the year. This year, the football team plays Indian Hill homecoming night. This means the school has Pow wow and their biggest rivalry on their mind as well as the dance.  

Jake Perkins, a center on the football team states “I am excited that both are on the same week because it’s even more intense and ‘hype’ than it being any other team.”

“It’s really fun to cheer for a student section that gets really excited; especially because it is the biggest game and week of the year,” Varsity cheerleaders Margot Baumgartner and Grace Amlung state. “I am going to miss parts of it, but I am also ready to move on to the next chapter. For me, homecoming will be one of the big parts of things I’ll miss. I try not to think about it but at the same time I can’t wait to take it in one last time.”