Age is Evident as C20 Hallway Closes


Returning students have had a change in their learning and routine schedule. Mariemont High School’s boy’s C20 bathroom––the main bathroom for the math and english academic pods–– has been shut down indefinitely along with Mr. Miller’s classroom. 

Dr. Renner, the principal of the high school, was notified two days prior to the first day of school. He said, “Mr. Hollander, director of facilities, explained to me how there was leaking and possible structural damage to the roof.” Solutions are pending on levy results added the principal.

Math teacher, Mr. Miller, said the school has been addressing the hot roof problem for several years. “It has always leaked, but the school always patched it. It’s always leaked on my desk. It always leaked in the bathroom. It always leaked by the door, but the four tiles in the back corner are new,” said Miller.

There are no future plans to open C20’s boy’s bathroom anytime soon. (PHOTO BY MANTLE)

According to Miller, two roofing contractors gave the high school opinions. “One said it would be costly because of structural damage, while the other said it was okay,” the math teacher said. The primary reason Miller was moved into C20 was due to mold.

The relocation of class to C20 has affected students learning. Senior, Jonah Dill said, “I’m not a fan of the C20 classroom set up. It is spread out and limiting our group collaboration as a class.”

Bathroom routines have been changed too.

Wiley Lyons, junior, said, “My routine is to go to the bathroom in math––that is just my schedule. Instead of C20’s bathroom, I need to go to the ‘Dungeon’. That’s an easy five minutes out of class. I’m missing out on my education.”  The walk is an extra 70 steps one way to the ‘Dungeon’– the boy’s bathroom located near the library, underneath the staircase going up to the main floor.

This is not the only bathroom problem that has occurred since last school year. Poop-water dripped onto a freshman lunch table last year.

Simon Jadeed, sophomore, recalls his friends sitting at the table when “a brown drop of water dropped from the ceiling onto my friend’s jacket.” He added, the brown water continued to drip and led to the table being removed for a week.

Problems with the ‘Dungeon’ also began last year as flooding occurred. The flooding in the boy’s ‘Dungeon’ has continued into this school year.

“The ‘Dungeon’ bathroom has recently been overflowing. When I walk in, it seems like there’s always a layer of water on the floor,” said sophomore, Zane Stephens.

The ‘Dungeon’ flooded again on September 17, 2018. (PHOTO BY MANTLE)

According to Renner, a solution is on the table to fix Mr. Miller’s room and other repairs to the school. “Currently the school needs between $15-17 million in repairs. We are sitting tight because we hope that the levy will be passed and we can build a new structure,” said the principal.

For now, “Plan ahead: if you have the opportunity to use the restroom and it is close by, use it,” said Renner. “If you can train yourself to go during lunch, after lunch or in between study halls do that.”