Changes in the Schedule, Changes in the Classroom


Warrior Bell is 37 minutes (PHOTO BY RYAN).

The difference of schedules at the high school has had a big impact on students and teachers. The new schedule has combined two lunches into one, and Warrior bell time has been integrated on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

With the new schedule in place, students were asked their opinion on if they like it and what changes they could make. Most students agreed that they like the addition of a longer lunch which would give them more time to eat and see friends. They also agreed on disliking warrior bells. 

Megan Gose, current junior, said, “I like warrior bell on Tuesdays because we get to work on what we want to, but Thursday is just pointless.” Students stated they disliked Thursday warrior bell the most because it wouldn’t give them time to meet with teachers to discuss grades.  In Joe Elkahla’s opinion, “Warrior bell Thursdays are a waste of time.”

When asked about longer lunches, however, students were mixed, some saying that they did like having a longer period to eat but felt that they get bored easily. Also when asked about lunches being combined students were mixed, some stating  that they like the fact that they could eat with friends but disliked that having the entire student body eating at the same time, thinking the lunchroom could be too crowded.

Senior lunch was started earlier in the year to alleviate the pressure on the school with the number of students eating. Students could decide to eat between the gym, outside, lunchroom, or lower library. Seniors like Anna Hobart said, “I like that we have a longer lunch because it allows me to be able to go where ever I want to eat, and not have to get back in a hurry.”

Mr. Block assistant principal likes the longer lunch because “the students can always eat with their friends, and seniors have more time to go to whatever restaurant they want to or go home if they would like too.” He also stated it’s nice for him because he monitors lunch and instead of two lunches there is only one. 

When asked about changes that they would make to the schedule, students agreed that they would make Thursday warrior bell a study hall day along with Tuesday. Juniors like Emily Adamson said, “Tests are usually on Friday and this would give me a chance to talk to that teacher outside of class so I could ask final questions about the upcoming test.” 

Block supported the idea of the warrior bells saying, “This is new time in the day where the students could pick what they want to do.” Block believes that students will eventually like warrior bell because if gives them a chance to meet new people that aren’t in their grade level, and gives them time to meet with teachers and use a quiet space to study.