From Senior to Freshman, what to expect for the next 4 Years


The only way to know about the transition to college is to learn from the ones who lived it. Alumni from Mariemont went cross country and had all different experiences. Some stayed close and some went far.

Strattan LeMay wanted to stay in his hometown, and decided to spend the next 4 years of his life at the University of Cincinnati. The biggest difference between high school and college for Lemay was the freedom students have. “The freedom is actually surprising,” LeMay stated, “I have never had a point in my life that I haven’t had someone breathing down my neck, and so far it feels good.”

Seeger and new college friend enjoying the change. (PHOTO BY SEEGER)

Sydney Seeger decided to head south to Clemson University. Seeger added,“The south just has better vibes, there’s always fun summer things to do… they’re extra fun when I know Cincinnati is starting to freeze and I’m swimming in Lake Hartwell.”

Seeger went on to say even though the weather was different, she doesn’t feel the distance barrier yet. “I’m kind of just waiting for it to finally hit that I’m 8 hours from home, right now I don’t even notice it” said the Clemson freshman. She added, “It’s hard to not always feel far away because literally everyone says ‘y’all’”.

One thing Mariemont is known for is the bubble, Seeger mentioned one of the reasons she would feel 8 hours away is not seeing a face she knows when hanging out around Mariemont, Terrace Park, or even Cincinnati.

Lemay doesn’t have to worry about being far from home–University of Cincinnati is only 20 minutes from Mariemont. “It’s just the right amount of disconnect, if I ever want to go home it’s right there; if not then I feel like I’m just as far as other colleges.”

The other angle of the college experience is the high school senior.

Senior warrior, Stephanie Frey talks about her fears going into her college freshman year. “Making friends is terrifying, I’ve known everyone here for as long as I can remember, and changing everything is so scary.”

Frey enjoying the southern weather.(PHOTO BY FREY)

Frey feels like she needs the distance. “I can’t deal with the midwest weather for four more years.” She said, “the South also has bigger schools, which means more people to meet.”

Getting out of the “bubble” is an excitement for all Mariemont students. Most have been seeing familiar faces for 18 years of their life and are ready for a change. Frey mentioned a Mariemont routine of doing the same things every week and weekend, “Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends and school (go warriors), but I feel like a much needed change is coming.”

Towards the end of the interview, Seeger was eager to give a last word she wishes she had gotten, “PSA for all the seniors, take nothing for granted, time goes by like you wouldn’t believe. The thing everyone misses most is the people, spend every second you can with friends or family, you never know when you’ll get that time back.”