New Faces of the Faculty



Freshman aren’t the only new faces in the halls of MHS.

This school year is characterized by seven new faculty members, teaching everything from biology to block printing.

This year’s new teachers are in line with Mariemont excellence. “We are fortunate at Mariemont that we can go after the very best,” Dr. Renner said. “We hire people who have a little seasoning. We hire people who have worked in other buildings for 3, 5, 10 years, have a good track record of success, and then we recruit them here. They are all, as people, very bright and accomplished.”

Renner gives some insight into the hiring process. Each position gets about 50 applicants, then Renner cuts them down until he has 7-10. For each position, he meets the applicants then narrows the pool down to 3-4. From there he consults the other administrative staff and teachers to help make a final decision.

“Sometimes you hire people and you hope it works out. Other times you can’t wait for school to start because you know it’s going to work out,” said Renner. “There’s no finger crossing with this group.”

Brian Sugerman

First up, Mr. Sugerman is the new Warriors Beyond Director for the Elementary Schools, the Junior High, and the High School. He runs the Explorations for the 5th and 6th graders, by setting up the outside vendors and getting the kids interested in the activities. At the Junior High Level, Sugarman is in charge of the Friday Expeditions. In the High School, he has a little broader list of duties as he runs all the master classes, and helps organize intersession at the end of the year.

Sugerman has been teaching for 10 years, primarily at the elementary level, at Rittman Elementary, a small school in Wayne County, Ohio. He taught first grade for two years, then third grade for seven. Then he got his administrative license and applied to Mariemont.

Sugerman originally applied to be the dean of students at Mariemont Elementary.

“Through the interview process, my interests and things that I do outside of school matched with what Warriors Beyond had,” said Sugerman. “The administrative team thought this would be a good position so I jumped on board.”

Sugerman loves to travel and explore new places. He would love to see Master Class expand at the High School level and see Explorations at the Junior High extended into the younger grades.

Senior Anna Scheeser said “[Mr. Sugerman] is so nice and super interested in what we are all studying.”

Sarah McEvoy

Mrs. McEvoy is the new orchestra and AP Music Theory Teacher. This is her 5th year of teaching Orchestra. She taught three and a half years of orchestra at Hamilton City Schools and then one year at Fairfield City Schools, running the middle school program, and assisting with High School.

“This is my first time being a lead high school orchestra teacher,” said McEvoy.

After graduating from Miami University, McEvoy began teaching right away, accepting a position teaching orchestra at Hamilton city schools. She bought a house in Madisonville less than a mile from Mariemont High School 3 years ago and got into tutoring Mariemont Orchestra Students.

“I started teaching private lessons with many of the students here, so I got connected that way. When Mrs. Khamis left to go teach in Thailand she called me and told me she’d love me taking over her program here,” said McEvoy.

Down the road, McEvoy sees Mariemont’s orchestra department becoming a first-class program where the students are integrated into the city musically. 

“McEvoy is such a kind and great teacher. She gives really good life advice, and she makes Music Theory fun,” said senior Natalie Eisenhauer.

Jennifer Sundermann-Broo

Next, the new biology Teacher, Ms. Broo. Having taught at a public school in Georgia and a private school in Florida, Broo has been teaching for 13 years.  Most recently, she taught at St. Ursula Academy in East Walnut Hills.

Broo is not only a teacher but also a constant student of her subjects: AP Biology, Forensics and Anatomy, and Physiology.

“Every summer I go to the University of Florida to learn about new research and write curriculum. The field of biology is growing in many areas, largely thanks to advances in genomics,” said Broo. “I think it’s amazing that much of what I teach about in AP Biology in the molecular genetics unit wasn’t in the textbook when I was a bio major in college because it hadn’t been discovered.”

One of Broo’s best friends from High School was a trainer at Mariemont High school. “I heard how amazing the Mariemont community and high school was from her. When I saw an AP Biology position posted, I decided to apply.

Ashley Scribner

If you were to take a peek into Ashley Scribner’s classroom you would find pencils swapped for paintbrushes and textbooks switched for canvases.  Scribner is Mariemont’s new studio art teacher. This is Scribner’s 16th year of teaching art. Teaching for three years in New York City and 13 years at Milford, Scribner has taught everything from private lessons for toddlers to now teaching AP Studio Art for high schoolers.

“I have always loved art.  When I was in high school I babysat and would always do projects and stuff with them and I loved it,” said Scribner.

Although she discovered her interest in art at a young age, it took some exploration to discover which route she would take her art.

“My aunt was a graphic designer in New York City and my mom and dad sent me to work with her for a week and I hated it like I thought gosh this is crazy and my cousin’s son was an art teacher and I went with him one day and I loved it so I realized real quickly that I didn’t want to be in advertising and graphic design,” said Scribner.  “When I walked into his classroom I realized wow this is where I want to be.”

Scribner had her sights set on potentially teaching at Mariemont for a while now and has been involved with both the school district and people within Mariemont, having nannied for three Mariemont families.

“I live in Terrace Park and I actually student taught at Mariemont in 2002 and I just had a really good feeling about Mariemont. I had done elementary school for thirteen years and I just thought I wanted a change and now was the time to change,” said Scribner. “When you do anything for thirteen years you’re kind of ready for something new.”

“Mrs. Scribner is a great addition to the Mariemont art department,” said senior AP Studio Art student Olivia Walker.  “She’s bringing new ideas and creativity to the class and she is also incredibly caring.”

Jamie Williams

Taking on three different science classes this year — chemistry, biology and astronomy — Jamie Williams is a lover of all things learning and one of two additions to Mariemont’s science department this year.

Williams graduated from Mason City Schools and then The Ohio State University with a Bachelors in Zoology and a Masters of Education.  

“I became a teacher because I had a lot of really great teachers who made the learning experience amazing for me, and I wanted to be able to do that for my students,” said Williams.  “I enjoy working with and helping young people, and I consider myself a life-long learner.”

After studying at The Ohio State University, Williams taught in Columbus for three years.  “Having grown up in Cincinnati I missed living near my family. I moved to Cincinnati to be closer to them and soon after got hired at Mariemont,” said Williams.  “I’m extremely excited to be here—I already love it!”