Rolling Through the Halls with Dee Walter

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While walking down the hall past the office during the first weeks of school, you may have noticed Mrs. Walter rolling around on her black scooter. It would be easy to just keep walking, but once she placed a blue bell on one of the black rubber handles it was hard to forget.

“I love working here” said Walter

“I love working here,” said Walter (PHOTO BY HEIDE).

The bell, the scooter, the smile: Mrs. Walter is hard to forget and has a life outside of school that has inspired her smile and kindness behind her desk. For instance she was a cheerleader for UK while attending college and all three of her children have graduated from Mariemont High School. 

 As one of the two secretary’s in the office, Dee Walter has an important presence at the high school. Her job may look easy, but when taking a second glance one could see that there are many tasks she gets done without anyone knowing they were problems. “I love working here,” said Walter.

Contrary to belief, there was not one single incident that lead Mrs. Walter to using the scooter but  mostly overworking during exercise. 

 “The picture of my family,” said Walter when asked about her favorite thing on her desk. From this it was clear family was her biggest priority which makes working with young adults come naturally to her.

According to Walter, her passion for the school stems from her need to help the community. Before she worked as a secretary here, she was elected to the board of education for eight years. While on this board, she helped with many things including the building of the middle school that was built in the recent years.

She said the job is not hard, but could be challenging because of the constant changes in the office. “You could plan your day and then it could completely change,” said the secretary.