Senior Lunch Begins

As the lunch bell rings on Wednesday September 5th at 12:15, Mariemont High School seniors rushed out of the school doors. The high school’s annual senior lunch tradition started early this year.

This year’s transition from two lunches to one lunch doubled the number of students who eat at the same time. Some students have called this chaotic. Allowing seniors to leave at lunch solves the problem of overcrowding in the spaces available for lunch.

“The primary reason there was a transition from two lunches to one lunch is to build time in the school day for teacher collaboration and to allow students to get help from teachers,” Principal Renner said. One combined lunch fixes the number of students changing their schedule so they can eat lunch with their friends says Renner.

Andrew Krafft, graduate of the 2018 senior class, said “I wish I had senior lunch earlier last year.” Krafft and his fellow classmates had to wait until the middle of second quarter last year for this senior privilege. He loved being able to leave the school with his friends for lunch, but he says often felt rushed to get back in time.

Senior lunch during the 2018-2019 school year is 13 minutes longer than the 31 minute lunch last year, but seniors still feel rushed. Out of 57 seniors surveyed, 51 of them say that they feel rushed to get back in time.

Senior Sarah Forbes said, “Since I live in Terrace Park I don’t have time to go home for lunch. I often just stay at the school just so I can keep up with homework and my art projects.”

Transportation is an issue for others. Still, 89% of seniors leave for lunch.

Out of those who leave for lunch, 78% of seniors go to their house or a friend’s house for senior lunch.

“I go to the Trester’s residence with around ten friends every day. It’s fun being able to leave for senior lunch but on Tuesdays and Thursdays it would be nice to have more time,” said Senior Aidan ShentonHe lives in Mariemont but goes to Trester’s house because it is closer to the school so he can have a longer lunch and eat with his friends.

Some seniors say they prefer eating at restaurants more than they do at friends’ houses.

Marin Valentine said she goes to restaurants more than friends’ houses. She said “I’ve been to Jimmy John’s, Starbucks, Skyline, Pizzeli’s, and a few others.” Valentine has spent around 50 dollars on senior lunch in 2 weeks but she likes not having to pack a lunch in the morning.

Senior Stephanie Frey says she goes to Starbucks every day since she lives in Terrace Park and doesn’t have a house to go to. She says she goes with other friends who live in Terrace Park and has spent nearly $35 in the past week on Starbucks.

No matter where they go or how much they spend, most feel like Kate McIntosh, who said, “Senior lunch gives me a new privilege and a break in my school day.”

Frey and Friends at Skyline during senior lunch