End of an Era, Ode to a Career


Senior athletes are scoring their last goal, swinging their last racket, and throwing their last touchdown. Senior careers are coming to an end along with the fall sports for the 2018-’19 school year. Seniors careers are nothing to take lightly, as many of the Mariemont seniors have given years of their life devoted to the sport and Mariemont athletics. Below are a list of seniors and a testimony to the end of their careers.

Stephanie Frey

Frey (on left) and Spang cheering at Mariemont football game. (PHOTO BY D311ROD)

Sport: Cheerleading

Position: 2 Year Captain

Favorite Equipment: Wearing uniform to school every Friday

Personal Statement: “My favorite memory by far is beating Indian Hill in the (2017) CHL competition. Every other year they had won; it was even more special because it was at their own gym. They announce third place first and announce first place last, so when Indian Hill got announced second, I started crying before they even called our name because I knew deep down we had won.”

Nolan Buck:

Buck enjoying a meal during a race. (PHOTO BY BUCK)

Sport: Cross Country

Position: 1st Runner

Favorite Equipment: “Spikes, the spikes are special because I never use them any other time besides when I’m racing. So putting them on means more than other sports cleats would be because they practice in theirs every day, but putting mine on means race day.”

Personal Statement: “That’s hard to pick, but I’d have to choose my freshman year. We had a lock-in so the entire team stayed overnight in the school. I remember playing knockout until 4 a.m. and getting access to the lights on Kusel so we played ultimate (frisbee) late night too.”


Marin Valentine:

Valentine mid-race. (PHOTO BY SPOONER)

Sport: Cross Country

Position: Runner

Favorite Equipment: “My favorite equipment is my spikes, they make me feel intimidating and I can step on other people’s toes with them!”

Personal Statement: “My favorite memory is just running with people who I don’t see in my classes or normally hang out with because I now have so many more girlfriends who I never even knew I could connect with!”


Lily Karlson:

Karlson awaiting the serve. (PHOTO BY SPOONER)

Sport: Volleyball

Position: Middle Blocker

Favorite Equipment: “I had my pair of volleyball shoes from freshman through most of my senior year. I played every game and practiced with them, and when they were finally unusable I was sad.”

Personal Statement: “My favorite memory was when Mariemont played Madeira, and for some reason, we had more energy than we have ever had playing on a team. It was one of the most tiring games I ever played, but we ended up pulling through and beating them for the first time in 5 years.”


Wally Renie:

Renie completing a pass downfield. (PHOTO BY D311ROD)

Sport: Football

Position: Quarterback

Favorite Equipment: “Definitely the helmet because I’d die without it.”

Personal Statement: “My favorite memory is beating Oakwood in the final seconds my Sophomore year.”


Josh McClorey:

McClorey scanning the field. (PHOTO BY SPOONER)

Sport: Soccer

Position: Captain

Favorite Equipment: “My number 10 jersey was my favorite piece of equipment, 10 has just always kind of been ‘my number.’ I had it junior and senior year and it was the last jersey I’ll ever wear playing for a team, that means something.”

Personal Statement: “My favorite memory had to be scoring the game-winning goal against Wyoming my sophomore year. The game was a must win in order to win the CHL so everyone went crazy. It was an even better experience being a sophomore on the team because of how many good upperclassmen there were.”


Kyleigh Spang:

Spang in action. (PHOTO BY SPANG)

Sport: Soccer

Position: Outside Back

Favorite Equipment: “My shin guards because I wear two different ones. One is mine and one is Myah Giordullo’s because she’s been such a big part of my soccer career the past 2 years and I love playing defense with her.”

Quote: “My favorite memory was when the entire team sprinted from half field to Sydney Nicholson after a girl from Ross missed the final PK my junior year which meant we advanced to the District Finals. We all played our hearts out in double overtime and two rounds of PK’s. It was a huge group hug and we were all insanely excited.”


Avery Lindner:

Lindner flexing for the camera. (PHOTO BY GRIMMER)

Sport: Tennis

Position: 1st Singles

Favorite Equipment: “My tennis racket because everyone’s is unique so having my own makes it feel special to me.”

Quote: “My favorite memory is getting Speedy Freezes after every game with the team, it’s where we bonded the most”.


Ben Ciolino:

Ciolino mid-swing. (PHOTO BY NERL)

Sport: Golf

Position: 5th Golfer

Favorite Equipment: Driver club, “It’s the most satisfying club to use, using hardly any effort and sending the ball hundreds of yards.”

Quote: “My favorite memory had to be beating Wyoming. They were ranked 1st in the CHL at the time. We were all playing well, myself in particular. I was well hydrated, well focused, and hittin’ shots well. I helped the team take the lead by a solid amount of strokes.”