Fall is a time of transition, traditions, and festivities. Mariemont high school contains three villages: Terrace Park, Mariemont, and Fairfax, all places where students live and fill in the population of the student body. Out of these 506 students, many find it hard to find different things to do. Below is a list of local recommendations of popular activities that upperclassman have visited and participated in. 


1) Shaw Farms

This local farm is a simple, yet activity-filled location. It possesses almost every day-time activity necessary: pumpkin patches, mazes, fresh fall ingredients, even animals! Better yet, if you complete the maze, you recieve a free pumpkin of your choice.

Location1737 OH-131, Milford, OH 45150

2) Starlight Drive-In 

This year, this drive-in theatre is show casing the new remake of the movie Halloween. Both the movie and the drive-in were rated close to full stars by reviewers!

Location: 2255 OH-125, Amelia, OH 45102


3) Young’s Dairy Farm

“Young’s dairy itself is very cool because there is a corn maze there, as well as hay rides and they have amazing ice cream. It’s a good family outing, especially when the weather’s nice. There’s been family tension over the pumpkin we pick, but in the end we always get a good one.” -Jacob Mantle, Senior

Rating–– 8.7/10

Location: 6880 Springfield Xenia Rd, Yellow Springs, OH 45387

4) Pringles Farm

“My family and I go apple picking and then make apple crisp. I would highly recommend.” -Anna Harding, Senior

Rating–– 11/10

Anna and her family picking apples at Pringle’s. [PHOTO BY HARDING]
Location: 2697 Pringle Rd, Goshen, OH 4512


1) Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football is a competitive and bonding activity at the same time. Games occur weekly and betting on players and teams adds to the excitement.

“Me and my friends get together every Sunday to compete in fantasy football to watch every game. We sign into Big T’s (also known as Timothy Spaeth) Sunday ticket and have access to every game. We wear jerseys every time, make skyline dip, and sometimes pizza.” Corben Shoemaker, Senior

Rating––  Shoemaker states “My rating is different because it depends on how well my fantasy team does, but overall it’s an 11/10.”

2) Pie making

Pies are often made throughout the stretch of the long holiday season and are a great way to elicit a family recipe or have contests with your friends. Steps are simple: purchase ingredients, follow a recipe, and share!

3) Scary Movies

“I usually watch a scary movie around this time just because it’s fun to do with a group. I’d never watch them alone, but Insidious 2 was a solid movie to watch with friends.” -Christian Stehling, Junior