2018 Distinguished Alum – Susan Davis-Ali

Susan Davis-Ali on the right (Picture by Mariemont Schools)

Susan Davis-Ali on the right (Picture by Mariemont Schools)

Olivia Simpson


Susan Davis-Ali ione of Mariemont’s 2018 Distinguished Alumni. On Friday the 21st of September, we sat down with her to discuss her accomplishments.

She is a graduate of Mariemont’s class of 1982. While in High School she was an involved member in her class, participating in cheerleading and yearbook staff, and acting as the class president. 

After high school, she headed to Miami University, where she majored in chemistry. After graduating, she attended the University of Cincinnati Medical School. But she quickly dropped out due to disinterest. She quickly regrouped and began to attend the University of Michigan, where she got her P.h.D. in Social Psychology.

She then moved to Minnesota, in 1992, where her soon to be husband had acquired a job. While there, she became a successful executive at a test developing company for over a decade.

Then in 2006, she started her own e-platform leadership development company focused on empowering women. It was called ‘Leadhership1’. She said that her job is to cheer on women and that she loves it. 

She also acts as the Chief Social Science Advisor to the Anita Borg Institute, a non profit organization with the purpose of advancing women in technology. In 2009 she published a book titled How to Become Successful Without Becoming a Man. In her past, she also had a weekly career advice column for USA Today. 

As of right now, she lives in Minnesota with her husband and 2 kids, Kate and Andrew. But she will forever consider Mariemont her home.

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Susan Davis-Ali on the right. (PHOTO BY LANGE)