Thanksgiving at Mariemont



When you hear the word Thanksgiving, a traditional turkey dinner may come to mind. Though not all students at Mariemont celebrate this way, the five-day break from November 21st to 25th is often spent with family.

Junior Abbie Kapcar says she is looking forward to having her sister, Ellie, a sophomore at The Ohio State University come home. Abbie is going to Pittsburgh to see her great aunt for part of the break and having a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Sophomore Olivia Ferry says she’s excited to spend time with family and eat good food. She says, “My family has a tradition of making sweet Potato Casserole every year.”

Junior Christian Stehling is having a traditional meal. He is going to Arkansas and Tennessee with his family and older siblings.

He says, “I’m excited to see my grandparents and go to a Tennessee basketball game.” Stehling says he has a tradition of watching the Thanksgiving day parade with his family.

Some students have unique Thanksgiving traditions.

Senior Kate McIntosh says, “For the past four years, my family has gone to the Caribbean. This year we are going to Martinique.” McIntosh says, “I don’t mind not having the traditional Thanksgiving since I’m with my family.”

Some students don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Fabricio Pedracolli, a senior who moved from Italy sophomore year says, “I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving because I never celebrated it in Brazil or Italy.” He says he is still excited to spend time with family during the break.

Another aspect of Thanksgiving is gratitude. Senior Kyleigh Spang, a student leader for Mariemont Sources of Strength (Twitter and Instagram: @sosmont_mhs) explained the importance of being thankful to students during Warrior Bell on November 15th. Spang says said, “What we are thankful for can be our Sources of Strength. We challenged everyone to write down what they are thankful for in their lives on a feather and then hung them up in the hall to inspire hope around our school.” 

Some things students wrote on these feathers are health, education, this neighborhood, supportive friends, a positive family, and athletics.

No matter how the break is spent, Thanksgiving at Mariemont is filled with family, tradition, and thankfulness.

A turkey that represents what Mariemont is thankful for by Mariemont Sources of Strength. (PHOTO BY SCARBOROUGH)