College Football at Mariemont


A number of faculty and students at Mariemont live and breath college football, it’s hardly a game to these fans, as they make Saturday’s in the fall a dedication to their favorite team.

Ohio State

Reilly and her OSU poster. (PHOTO BY SHOEMAKER)

English teacher Ms. Reilly is an alumni from The Ohio State University. Her experience with college football began with her attendance to OSU. “I went to an all girls school, so we never had that experience,” Reilly said, “I just never understood the event of watching football.” Attending a university with such an affection to football as OSU was a drastic change from not having a team.

Reilly quickly found her love for football with the team upon her arrival, as she mentioned she bought season tickets and went to every game she could as a student.

Tradition is an important part of college football. For Reilly, tradition holds a number of pictures. One of which is the annual jumping into Mirror Lake located on campus before the Michigan game. “The lake felt like -1000º”, Reilly stated, “and you’d find yourself running across campus soaking wet.” Mirror Lake can hold more than football tradition, as Reilly added they jumped in the lake when Osama Bin Laden was killed.

Football can be more than a game for Reilly, she mentioned it’s also about the connections and memories. Reilly mentioned a feeling of “camaraderie” found, that there’s something in common within football to have fun with, even with strangers. “OSU football holds ‘home’ memories,” she concluded.

Notre Dame

Hanley repping the Fighting Irish. (PHOTO BY SHOEMAKER)

Mr. Hanley, a history teacher at Mariemont, has been a Notre Dame fan for as long as he can remember. According to Hanley, he’s been watching games with his father since childhood.

Hanley values tradition as much as the game, for he attends at least 1 game per season with his father. “It’s like a time machine,” said Hanley talking about the sentimental value of the game and the experience with his father. Hanley added that Saturday’s are typically dedicated to Notre Dame football in the Hanley household. If prior commitments were made, they would need to be moved in order to watch the game, “The wife realized the plans sometimes have to change for the Notre Dame game.” he said.

Hanley was particular in saying that although a fan, he doesn’t use Notre Dame to define himself; “It’s just what you do, it’s being a good American…,” Hanley said, “I use my family, friends, and career to do so.”


Andrews in his Georgia apparel. (PHOTO BY SHOEMAKER)

Senior, Mark Andrews, can always be seen in University of Georgia apparel. Being born in Atlanta and his parents attendance has led to Andrews rooting for the Bulldogs his entire life.

Unlike Hanley, Andrews uses Georgia as a way to define himself. “Georgia controls my Saturday’s in the fall”, Andrews mentioned, “if my friends are doing something else, I’d rather stay home and watch Georgia.” Being a die hard fan is described by Andrews as a “roller coaster ride.” Having insane ups when they are doing well, but insane lows when they aren’t. “So much emotion is brought out with the love for Georgia and football,” Andrews claimed.