No Shave November


Have you ever wondered why most of your male teachers at Mariemont high closely resemble a caveman halfway through November? It’s because they’re participating in “No Shave November.” 

November 1 is the start of the holiday season. Thanksgiving and Christmas are near once the first rolls around. But for select teachers at Mariemont high, November is for putting away there shaving cream and razors for a whole month. 

12 men entered the “race,” but there were three categories that stood out: “Longest,” “Most apparent change” and the “Best.”

These teachers all participated to see who had the best beard at end of the month.

The instagram polls illustrated the student’s opinion on the categories.

From the polls taken:


Mr. Vanags had the longest beard.


Mr.  Wiseman had the most apparent change.


And Mr. Becksfort had the best beard.