Photos Through Time: A Look at Mariemont High School Now vs. Then



As the days in the current Mariemont High School building are rounding to an end, it is easy to see the age, the flaws, with our nearly 50-year-old building.  However, there was a time when this was considered new. The current building opened in 1971 and has been evolving ever since.

Hall of Fame

The hallway that connects the academic wing to the performing arts wing used to lack lockers.  Now, in 2019, the hallway walls adorn the lockers of sophomores, juniors and seniors as well as alumni memorabilia.

Upper/Lower Library

The MHS library was critically acclaimed when it first opened.  You can see students studying at round tables, the very ones that house current lower library studying.  The changes to the library since then include the addition of the conference table, booths, the Makerspace and the College and Career Planning Center.

Mr. Miller’s Room


It may be hard to believe that Mr. Miller’s math classroom, Room 11, never used to be a room at all.  The central location outside of C20 was originally a locker area complete with upper and lower lockers as well as chains to run through your coat sleeves to lock them up. 

Swimming Pool

One of the most notable and iconic of the Mariemont High School athletic facilities, the swimming pool has served many years of swimmers and divers alike.  However, when the building first opened up, the swimming pool was still being completed which serves as a glimpse into the future transition years.