A New Beginning for Recycling at Mariemont


Olivia Simpson


On February 25, Mariemont started to recycle again due to efforts of the Environmental Club, headed by Shannon Renner, Sarah Forbes, Mary Kate Keller, and Sarah Werdmann.

Mariemont has had an on-again-off-again relationship with recycling. Approximately four years ago there was another environmental club run by, retired teach Mrs. Dierker. Back then the club collected the recycling for Mariemont. But when Mrs. Dierker retired, the club dissolved, and Mariemont went back to not recycling. (For more information check out this past article by Owen Dingle “Mariemont Recycling Rumors)

The janitorial staff is reportedly the cause of this problem. Shannon Renner, junior and president of the environmental club, said, “Scarlet and Grey, our janitorial system, would put plastic bags in our recycling bins. But the plastic bags can’t be recycled, if they would find their way into a recycling plant, they would clog up the whole plant. It’s really not good. So whenever we would throw away recycling in there, with the plastic bags, Rumpke would see that and they would refuse to take it and they would just put it in the dumpster.”

The recycling dumpster seen behind the trash one (PHOTO BY SIMPSON)

The club has decided to take the recyclable waste out to the dumpsters themselves, and after discussion with Mr.Block and changes to their contracts, Scarlet and Grey no longer touches the recycling bins.

Junior and one of the leaders of Environmental Club, Sarah Werdmann explained the process in use now. She said, “At Mariemont, currently, we are trying our best to start recycling again. Right now the leaders of environmental club (me, Shannon Renner, Mary Kate Keller, and Sarah Forbes) are taking out the recycling on our own time during the school day. We don’t have that strong of a program right now and are trying find to find underclassmen to help us out because it’s a big job. But we know we are actively making a difference in the environment every time we recycle.”

The club believes the work they are doing is important. Renner said, “There is a deadline for climate change, by 2030 it is going to be the point of no return, like we can’t do anything about climate change after that. With only 11 years to do something, it’s important that we do the most we can”

Some students feel this change is important. Sophomore, Jackson House said, “I think it’s a very good thing that Mariemont is starting to recycle again, and that it can be very beneficial to the environment and society as well.”

They want people to know that they can recycle plastics, paper, aluminum cans, soda bottles, or anything else that was typically recycled. And that everything should be recycled in the blue bins.

Members take the recycling out typically every Tuesday and Thursday, or when they have free time. But they are also looking for help: anyone who’s interested should contact Shannon Renner, Mary Kate Keller, Sarah Forbes, or Sarah Werdmann.