Beloved Teacher Jane Concannon Passes On: Former Students and Coworkers Honor Her with Memories


“She was so wonderful at making everyone feel welcomed and feel loved.  It didn’t matter if you were 5 years old or 55 years old,” said 17 year Mariemont District teacher Mrs. Alexander, following the death of her coworker and long-time friend Jane Concannon.

Concannon greeting students on the first day of school. (PHOTO BY TPE YEARBOOK)

Jane M. Concannon, a former kindergarten teacher at Terrace Park Elementary passed away Tuesday, March 5, 2019 at age 69 after a long fight with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

“[Jane] and I taught almost 15 years together,” said Alexander. “She was in attendance for my boys’ baby showers. I still have the advice card she wrote to me for our firstborn son, Ben. Her advice was to ‘hug them often.’ A hug from her was so full of love.”

Alexander also remembers any gathering with Mrs. Concannon was full of food. “You felt the love when you were with Jane and enjoyed everything from her quiches to Texas sheet cake,” she said.

Another memory of Mrs. Concannon comes from fifth-grade teacher Mr. Zaya. He remembers Mrs. Concannon’s attachment to all of her things, especially those used in her classroom.

“One thing about Mrs. Concannon is that she liked to hoard many of her teaching worksheets, materials, and decorations,” he said. “Mrs. Concannon was famous for having boxes of stuff in all different places in the school. A closet in the basement, a storage room on the first, etc. There were always items that belonged to her.“

Concannon teaching reading to a little boy through the voice of Chester, the stuffed monkey. (PHOTO BY TPE YEARBOOK)

Concannon taught at Terrace Park Elementary (TPE) up until her retirement in 2014. Zaya said she taught him the value of creating a relationship with your students. “So many students could recall just about anything that happened with Ms. Concannon’s class.  It wasn’t the lessons she taught about the sounds a certain letter makes or counting by 2’s to 20, but how much she cared about them or how she made them laugh.”

Mrs. Concannon was known for leaving a mark of kindness and caring for her students. Senior Kennedy McNeil, kindergarten class of 2007, remembers getting off the bus and kicking with a K. She also remembers the calmness and kindness of kindergarten with Mrs. Concannon.

“Mrs. Concannon was always smiling and in a good mood no matter how chaotic the class may be. She just had a warm and inviting presence that made people feel comfortable and included,” said McNeil. “As for her impact, she made every kid, including me, feel special, loved and valued.”

Sharp and Mrs. Concannon at 6th grade graduation celebrating all of Sharp’s hard work. (PHOTO BY SHARP)

Senior Molly Sharp recalls her adventures with Chester the Monkey, a stuffed animal that the kindergarteners would take home for a week, and then write about the places they took him. She also remembers Mrs. Concannon teaching her the importance of individuality.

“I remember thinking my now friend Sarah was really weird because she had glasses but Mrs. Concannon explained that they help her to see. Sarah and I are still close friends 13 years later.” said Sharp.

Following her retirement in 2014, Concannon continued to teach reading for adults and maintaining her relationship with the community.

Concannon showing some Christmas Cheer. (PHOTO BY WILSON)

“Our sweet Jane, as we refer to her at Terrace Park Elementary was one of a kind. We saw her passion for teaching each and every day,” said Barb Wilson, the office assistant at TPE.

Mrs. Concannon was an integral part of the Mariemont City Schools Community, and she will be missed deeply. Instead of giving flowers, the Concannon’s prefer donations be made to Literacy Network of Greater Cincinnati, 19 Broadcast Plaza, 635 W. 7th St, Suite 309, Cincinnati, Ohio 45203 or The ALS Association Central & Southern Ohio Chapter, 1170 Old Henderson Road, Suite 221, Columbus, Ohio 43220.