Panera Bread Opens in Mariemont: Student Thoughts

The new restaurant includes a drive thru counter.(PHOTO BY DILL)


February 26th, 2019: a new Panera opened up in the middle of a triangle between Mariemont, Terrace Park, and Indian Hill. Business has appeared to be booming.  You walk in and see full tables and booths, a cramped full mobile order shelf, and your friends and neighbors enjoying pastries. A new delight for people all around Mariemont and Terrace Park.

With Subway going out of business, Pizzelii Pizza reopening from reconstruction, and Flipdaddy’s filing bankruptcy, it seems like Panera is the only food left in the strip on Wooster between Mariemont and Terrace Park. A tasty treat after a hard workout or right before school is quite enjoyable for students at Mariemont High School.

Panera at their Grand Opening. (PHOTO BY DILL)

However, the questions being raised by students are: Will it stay busy? Will it stay in business? Will it stay this nice? Not necessarily everyone agrees.

Nolan Buck, track distance runner, said, “I think so,” when asked if it will stay in business. Buck said he is a frequent visitor and enjoys grabbing bagels on his way home from track practice.

“A long practice leaves me drained of energy and I need to refuel,” Nolan Buck said that he sees Panera staying around for a while. “I don’t see why it would change” he added.

Ian Mikesell, senior, said, “I think that it will stay for a while. But, it will not survive more than four years.”

With a constantly busy Wooster Pike one would imagine that it would be a busy location for years to come. Ian backed up his claim “Mariemont is a pass through town. People will not stop on their way to work for Panera coffee. That is what Starbucks is for.” Mikesell believes “It will stay pretty nice if they have good employees.”

Another student Casey Dutro, Panera employee, believes the new Panera will stay in business. “Yes I think we will stay in business,” Dutro says.

“We stay pretty busy Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. But, then it slows down on Sunday until Tuesday.” Dutro also said, “We [Panera] will lose some customers because of Jersey Mike’s. But, we will stay busy and in business”.

Dutro also believes that “It will stay as nice as it is right now. We adjusted something we did in the beginning to keep it clean in the front and back”. Ultimately, Dutro thinks that the new Panera will stay as clean and busy as it was on day one.

Panera Bread is located at 7510 Wooster Pike.