Juniors Gain the Privilege for Off Campus Lunch


On Monday, April 8, juniors joined seniors departing for lunch.

Until this quarter, off-campus lunches were the privilege of seniors who earned it….

The senior class sees this as unfair and annoying. Seniors are complaining about traffic at the light, “reckless driving” by the juniors, and the lack of respect from the other classes.

Entrance to Mariemont High with a traffic line stretching to the MHS Library at the first Junior Lunch. [PHOTO BY DILL]

“I sat in the line from the Junior lot to the stop sign for 10 minutes,” senior Fabricio Pedracolli says.

Later in an interview, Pedracolli also says “I didn’t know that sophomore lunch was a thing,” as a response to sophomores leaving during lunch as well as the juniors now.

Another senior, Stephanie Frey says, “The traffic is bearable when the police officer is at the light. However, when he is not there it is unbearable”

With high schoolers being in the modular units next year and having limited space, the juniors will be able to leave campus as well as the seniors for almost the whole year.

“We started the current seniors early this year so we decided to start the juniors early as well,” Dr. Renner, principal at the high school states. 

Dr. Renner explained the reasoning behind the decision of giving the juniors the lunch for the end of the 2018-2019 school year and says it’s “the fairest thing.”

Renner also claimed, “The first couple of days we wanted to see how bad the traffic would be. Now, we have Officer Romano out at the light to help the traffic.”

The junior class is excited about the new privilege they gain this fourth quarter.

Junior Megan Lundeberg says, “It is nice that we got off-campus lunch for the last quarter since the grade below us gets it next year the whole year.”

“I think it is a good reprieve from school. I just get to go home and chill. It is also good to hang with friends outside of school,” says junior Isabella Sklena.

Megan Kromer says, “It’s just fair,” as a response when asked her thoughts on Junior Lunch.

As for the upcoming years, Dr. Renner says, “It is still in debate,” when he was asked if they will still be permitted to leave the campus for lunch when the new building is finished.