The Beginning of the End for Seniors: Signing Day 2019


Seniors wearing their college shirts (PHOTO BY GRIMMER)

Olivia Simpson and McKenzie Zobrist


On May 1st, the seniors and their families gathered together in the commons to showcase their decision for next year. The room was filled with students wearing college shirts, smiling faces as the class of 2019 began the process of their farewell.

68 students plan to stay in-state while 66 plan to leave Ohio. The 2019 class favorite is the University of Cincinnati with a total of 22 students who plan to attend there next year. A close second is The Ohio State University where 11 students will begin the next part of their education there. 

Graph of where seniors are going next year. 2 students are leaving the country. Katherine Geary will be attending Exert University in the United Kingdom. Mayana Amlung will be attending the YWAM Discipleship training Centre in India. (GRAPH BY ZOBRIST)

“Ever since I chose Ohio State I’ve never regretted it,” said senior Ashley Grimmer. “I chose OSU because I reviewed my other schools and realized that they looked good on paper, but OSU really felt like home since that’s where my brother went.”

Senior Jacob Cox, who will also spend his next four years at The Ohio State University, said, “I was originally between Ohio State and Virginia Tech, but I felt like Ohio State was a better fit for me and it was in-state, so the cost was a lot better.”

Brothers, (Left to right) Jacob and Nathan Cox, showing Ohio State pride in the commons prior to Dr. Renner’s speech. (PHOTO BY ZOBRIST)

For seniors, cost and environment played a large role in determining their universities.

Mrs. Comer, senior Jackson Comer’s mom said, “I think that having Jackson grow up going to the school to watch games every year since he was a baby probably made him more comfortable with the campus and made him realize that if he wasn’t close to his physical home, then Virginia Tech is kind of like his home away from home.”

The Comer family in Virginia Tech gear, showcasing their pride for their school and support of Jackson’s decision. (PHOTO BY ZOBRIST)

Katrina DeCamp will be attending the University of Tennessee where her father was a wrestler.  Mrs. DeCamp said that this family connection was a factor in Katarina’s decision to attend UT: “Absolutely, she’s been going down to UT games since she was a baby.” 

But for most, in the end, the decision came down to where do they want to spend their next four years.

Frances Harrington, when asked why she chose to go to the University of Pittsburg, responded, “I didn’t think about it too much and then I visited the school and I really liked it a lot, so I applied and I got in.”

The seniors have also been met with much praise and congratulations from their friends, family, and teachers.

Caitlin Bortz, freshman, and sister to graduating senior Braden Bortz, who plans to attend Depaul, said, “I’m happy that he is going there but I am sad that he is leaving.”

Dr. Renner, in a speech to the seniors, said, “we are very proud of you and will miss you, so congratulations to all of you!”

The graduating class of 2019 posing on the gym bleachers, in their college apparel. (PHOTO BY MANTLE)