Not Just 1 Warrior Way Anymore


The cross section between Coach Hubbard Way and Warrior Way. (PHOTO BY DILL)

As one turns onto Warrior Way: they pass the library on the right, they see kids walking to school, trees line the way. Just a little further up the road you see a bright orange fence and those trees being torn down.

The sidewalk next to Warrior Way leads to orange nets, an announcement board and construction equipment (PHOTO BY DILL)

Due to the new school being built, there is a lot of construction equipment coming in through out the day. To prevent traffic, the school has decided to build a second road that will funnel into Coach Hubbard Way and eventually Warrior Way.

This new road will allow the trucks and equipment to come in off of Wooster at the light next to the Mariemont Promenade. This road will also be open to the students and faculty of MHS to help traffic flow.

“The plan was to have the the road come to the back of the senior lot and go around the field in the back” said Dr. Renner.

However plans change and now the new drive will be next to the MHS library. “There will be a long road with a turn around so there should not be much trouble with traffic coming in and traffic leaving,” Renner added.

As a result of this construction taking place by the MHS library, the parking on Mariemont way has been shut down. This forces the teachers to park in the new gravel lot.

Pipes and construction equipment breaking ground for the new drive. (PHOTO BY DILL)

I decided to park up there as well because I can’t ask them to do that and not do it myself. I did it to be a leader,” Renner stated.

The new lot has plenty of space as it was built for the whole teaching staff to be up there with the whole senior class and still have spots to spare.

This new road is just the first of much more construction that will be taking place at MHS.