Mariemont Bids Farewell to Teacher Mrs. Neumann

Mariemont Bids Farewell to Teacher Mrs. Neumann


Mariemont High School English teacher Mrs. Neumann completes her final year of teaching on June 4.  Having taught for the past 34 years, Neumann leaves behind a legacy in the many students she has taught.

Neumann began her teaching career at Mt. Notre Dame High school where she taught for 9 years.  She then accepted a position at Mariemont where she will complete her 25th year of teaching.

Even though Neumann has been teaching for the past 34 years, it was not her original career.

“I just sort of fell into teaching,” said Neumann.  “I had worked in banking and insurance after college and I got bored with both, so then I went graduate school to become certified to teach.” 

“When I was in banking I started out as a teller and within six months I was training tellers because I can explain stuff,” said Neumann. “Really, it was like that was my talent: explaining stuff.”  

In contrast to her previous jobs in banking and insurance, Neumann loves teaching because she says there is never a dull day.  

“It seems like we laugh every day in every class,” said Neumann when discussing her favorite parts of teaching. 

“This year, we were reading King Arthur.  The story of Percival, one of the knights, is that he was a goatherd before he came to Camelot and the students said, “Mrs. Neumann, what’s a goat-nerd?”  Some people knew that was funny, but I had to explain it to some,” said Neumann.

“That is just so cool to be able to explain things to someone who is so innocent and has such a pure vision of the world,” said Neumann. “I can give them some basis for understanding an ancient culture that they don’t really know about.”

Whether in class, in the halls or when she is leading National Honors Society, many students agree that their favorite part about Mrs. Neumann is her friendliness and sense of humor.

“She was a good teacher, and I am glad I got to know her a lot better through National Honors Society,” said senior Avery Lindner.

“Having Mrs. Neumann was great,” said senior Sydney Messner. “I learned a lot and grew immensely as a writer, but my favorite part about her has to be her sense of humor.  Every class with her was enjoyable.”

When asked about what she will miss the most, Neumann answer echoed that of Messner’s.

“The kids and the fun and the jokes, and probably because teenagers get my jokes,” said Neumann. “A lot of adults are too serious for that, so I will really miss that, laughing together.”

After a dedicated career to educating students, Mrs. Neumann is looking forward to an enjoyable retirement filled with travel and leisure.  

Touching on her plans for retirement Neumann said, “No one told me I had to plan it!”

“My husband and I like to travel so we are going to go to Disney in June with the grandchildren, which will be fun but exhausting,” said Neumann. “We are thinking about driving in the Northeast in the fall because we have never been to Shenandoah, and I have a brother in New Hampshire.”

“We have a cat, and she is old, so we might have to put her in a cage in the backseat which I don’t know if she will like that,” said Neumann in humorous fashion.

No matter where she travels, Neumann will always be a cherished and beloved member of the Mariemont High School community.