Our new Broadcasting class creates podcasts


The Mariemont Life Experiences Instagram page invites students to take a listen.

Lorilei Blackett


According to Music MPH, 32% of the population listen to a podcast at least once a month. Podcasts have become more popular than ever. Mariemont is no exception with 16 students having a podcasts of their own.

Mariemont Life Experiences Podcast seems to be a wildly popular podcast with its first episode having around 330 views . It is a podcast that is created by Luke Laite and Tyler Tritsch in which students are interviewed about their experiences in Mariemont.

The Mariemont Life Experiences Podcast interviews people about their interests and experiences.  In the first episode, Laite and Tritsch talk to Andrew Foley about his Youtube channel on which he makes stop motion videos, about the movie he is making, and his overall interests.

Mr. Eten is teaching a new Master Class called Broadcasting where it’s students are making podcasts. Most are posted on Soundcloud on the Warriors BEyond account.

One of the podcasts from the class is Lucy Jacob’s, named Behind The Scenes Of Mariemont Sports With Lucy where the title explains all of what the podcast is about.

In Behind The Scenes Of Mariemont Sports With Lucy she interviews Mariemont school athletes.