Fall Sports Recap – Football

(PHOTO BY @d311rod) The team storms the field.

(PHOTO BY @d311rod) The team storms the field.

Olivia Simpson and McKenzie Zobrist


The Dirty-30 made it farther than they’ve gone in the past. The team that consisted of only 36 players went 4-0 in their first games of the season. 

With such a small roster, the team was able to become closer than in previous years. Quarterback Andrew Glassmeyer said, “this year has been a lot more fun because of how much time we get to spend playing with each other and how it’s helped us grow as a family.”

Senior center Isaac Trybus said, “ we really embraced the one heartbeat attitude and we became a tight brotherhood. It was something that was so cool to experience and something I’ll never forget.”

Noteworthy Accomplishments:

  • Overall season record: 7-3
  • 4th in CHL (with 4 wins and 3 loses) 
  • Andrew Glassmeyer was second in leading passing yards with 1521 yards
  • Seth Greene was second in leading rushing yards with 968 yards
  • Max Megowen was tied for second in leading fumbles recovered with 3 fumbles recovered. 
(PHOTO BY @d311rod) The football team rushes the field holding flags showing off Mariemont pride.
(PHOTO BY @d311rod) The team gathers discussing their next play.